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Bastu Baket

Reply to Sebai Maa’s Video Post #19026 Lesson 7

Udja Sebai Maa,

Dua for posting the video of the this personality’s exaltation of PMH Ch. 7/151 Section 3 otherwise known as the Speech of Goddess Aset that is included in our Thursday Evening Temple of Aset Devotional by the Bastu Aset. It was a spur of the moment occurrence as Adam was able to get us clearance to do it at the Temple of Aset at the Giza Plateau.

As I listened to this video feedback I resonated with and wanted to share some pics of some of the points you brought out. I will attach them to this post. I appreciated the other legendary version you shared during a reply to Sunnu Nefer Ka Ra’s post about Aset’s emotionality of her compassion to Set and Heru’s reaction. In this other version you mentioned Heru did not cut off Aset’s head but did remove her crown. You showed a line art drawing of her in her cow head form watering wheat. I will attach an actual photo of this from the Temple of Aset in Philae.

Sebai Maa also mentioned how the crowns were used by Priests/Priestesses in the rituals and I also have a pic of that from the Temple of Hetheru in Dendera that I will include. It is from the wall of the steps leading up.

I feel that seeing the actual pics of these brings another dimension to the teachings, just as Sebai Maa has shared in many of his postings.

I agree with him and Bastu Heryt about the importance of the reviewing the feedback which reveals deeper nuances to the lessons. So many times we may feel, “I’ve got that.” Only to reveal another layer that was unseen and brought more clarity.

Dua again Sebai Maa, Seba Dja and all initiates of the Temple of Aset Course, Dua Aset!
Bastu Baket

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