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Bastu Baket

a Most important themes in lesson 2 were the education system and how it was organized. the different kingdom periods pre-dynastic, old, middle, new and late. I also noted that there was a council of priests and priestesses who helped the matriarchy govern the country and the temples as well. also discussed was the invasions by different countries which caused several issues in the civilization. b I thought that the governing of the entire country by the 42 precepts of Maat important because that leads to a healthy civilization and not a police state. also the giving food, shelter and opportunity to everyone in the country was wonderful as well as equal rights to women as well as men which makes me wish I lived in Kemet in ancient times. c Q: I am a new realtor in Detroit and I can already see that it can be a “cutthroat” business and the more I study kemetic culture the more I question my current occupation. but I really don’t have anything else to fall back on . so is there a way for me to bring Maat to my business or should I find something else?

Indeed, compared to the rampant corruptions of today’s culture politics and economics schools food systems medical etc. Ancient Egypt was a paradise.

However, it is still an illusion as it is the past as is the present and of course also the future. The present is an opportunity to express the teaching so that includes being ethical at work in relationships at school etc.

If one trying to be Maatian finds their work or life in the midst of anti-Maat then the task is to transform from negative to positive in a gradual but deliberate process.Try to find ethical people to work with and ethical environments and move towards that work to create a safety net and less dependency to have to fall back on and rely on like minded persons to cooperate for everyone’s benefit

Ancient Kemet was not a matriarchy but rather ethiocracy – government by priests and priestesses based on ethical standards (Maat) and advising royal representatives

Ancient Kemet was the first major society to achieve unparalleled and perhaps unrivaled balance between genders a model for ancient and modern worlds

Matriarchy may be considered as rule by queen or line of succession by mother those are different aspects to consider elsewhere.

One of the issues that made Kemet possible was the maatian balance of gender, producing balanced society and less conflict between genders leaving more clarity less drama for energy to pursue the higher perspectives of life i.e. Shetaut Neter and Nehast (Egyptian mysteries and enlightenment) less conflict, less stress and less delusion.
A balanced society out of which it is more possible to get balanced law, balanced care for the other and balanced mental conditions that can produce more sanity instead of agitated insane society

The special order of nature experiences in North East Africa was and in some way still is compelling but especially the capacity of the Nile to produce food reliably allowed people to not live as “miserable asiatics” as people are today due to not being in balance.

Here is a post from May 8, 2019 at 2:18 am Marleaux Webb

“Some of the main points that I heard in the lecture I have read in some of the books that I own already such as Egyptian yoga vol. 1 and a few others. To begin, kemetic culture and also every other culture started in Africa down in the area today known as the great lakes. all people came from this area of Africa therefore we are all Africans. Kemetic culture began as LATE as 10,500 b.c. we know that based off of the water erosion on the Hor m Akhet which was a spiritual monument. I would say I was properly prepared for lesson 1 but was enjoyable to reaffirm some of these points.”

Sebai Maa’s Feedback:

2 Important points

#1 There is important power in repetition and reiteration of important facts especially since these are often glossed over by wider society and they form foundation of the teaching
knowing Kemet is at least 12K years old allows being more comfortable with the notion of primacy over younger traditions. This factor needs to be hammered away as the other wrong info has already been hammered in.

#2 Think of how important and momentous it is for a person to cite the age of the sphinx as a fact and not a passing reference that may or may not be true? And how culture started in Africa and all humans are Africans! That alone dispels many wrong notions that promote disharmony and even hatreds or fears and interfere with being able to accept and understand the teachings.

Think about it, those who hate others cannot love self or god!

Realizing racism or sexism etc. are foolish, leaves the personality clear to pursue a life of truth instead of demagoguery or identity politics (a current issue in society.) So even if some of these facts were learned long ago they should remain foremost in the mind – at least on the back burner anyway.

Indeed loving Creation and all in it is loving the Self as all is not just expression but actually Self manifesting as Creation. Do you all realize that this is not a metaphorical or hyperbolic statement?

So if one cannot live God one cannot love oneself and if cannot love self cannot love god and if cannot love Creation then too cannot love god —at least not fully and not fully is also not truly but only partially and what do we say about partial religion?

Partial can lead to full if led properly. That is a key, being a proper aspirant, following an authentic teaching, led by a competent teacher

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