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A.) The themes were that Shetaut Neter is the ancient name for Neterianism and it has been around for as long as 36,000 BCE; There are geological and architectural evidence that support this such as the water erosion on the Sphinx. Kemit is the most ancient civilization and it existed longer than Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, etc. Hollywood’s participation in misrepresenting Egypt with movies like the “Mummy” and “Cleopatra”. Sudan, Palestine, and India are connected in regards to ancient Kemit. Kemitians and Nubians were in the same community or temple according to a picture shown with black and brown people and you distinguish them by the headdresses worn in the picture/painting.
B.) The most important theme to me was Shetaut Neter and its spirituality. Death is the end of activities on earth and happiness is an illusion when you search in the outside world or material world. Finding happiness is in your mind because the world is constantly changing. The foundation of Shetaut Neter is truth and righteousness. The correct way to follow Shetaut Neter is by its 3 components which are listening/reflection/meditation or myth/ritual/mysticism. Many people leave the last part out which won’t allow them to reach their highest spiritual potential. We are manifestations of the spirit and Ari is conditioning. Ra comes in three forms which are creator, sustainer, and dissolver. After, desolation it starts all over again. Thought is creation and in between thoughts is noon. Lastly, Ast is freedom and enlightenment.