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Level 1 Lesson 7 Audio

Section 1: Explain the main teachings in your own words.

Topic: What is necessary for success in spiritual practice.

The audio speaks to performing activities that promote spiritual growth. Some of these activities should be performed in a dedicated manner on a daily basis such as focused meditation. Others should be conducted in our daily lives such as selfless service to others. Conducting selfless service combats the egoism of the personality. The result supports growth towards the personality’s awareness of its true nature.

Three principles were given regarding the pursuit of spiritual growth. They were:

1) Cultivate virtue
2) Live the virtue
3) Continue the path of spiritual practice

Examples of virtue were righteous action, truthfulness, self-control, and non-violence.

Also discussed was the ego with respect to how desires based upon ego fulfillment necessarily fails with regard to continued happiness because it cannot be sustained due to the transient nature of egoistic attachments.

Another point was that spiritual pursuit via spiritual processes leads to a spiritualization of one’s life. Living spiritualized involves the evolution of truth in your life.

The lecture discussed the link between egocentric behavior and fanaticism / blind following.

It was revealed that one should always seek proof, go beyond faith, and ego even higher in search for self evident truth.

The antithetical relationship between virtue and vice including how vice clouds and prevents understanding was presented.

Authentic spiritual practice brings authentic spiritual evolution. Consciousness evolves and truth unfolds one level at a time.

It was mentioned that there is no such thing as absolute truth. The process of spiritual evolution involves moving from one level of truth to the next level with each level bringing a more universal aspect.

Evolving in spiritual strength means humility must guard egoism in the personality.

The lecture mentioned falsehoods regarding seeking enlightenment.
1) You must be able to travel somewhere like Egypt.
2) The practice is too hard.
3) Too busy with life.
4) Need to delay until a better phase of life is achieved.

The elements of successful spiritual practice were given such as:
1) Steady practice
2) Balanced activity
3) Virtuous living
4) Be flexible and adaptable
5) View adversity as a challenge
6) See yourself as a conduit for divine action.
a) Feed the hungry
b) Clothe the naked
c) Drink to the thirsty
and so forth according to Maatian principles

Discussed also was the fact that spiritual growth is not always a straight line but some backward movement may occur on the journey forward. Also mentioned was how practice deepens understanding and that ego will be an obstacle until full spiritual realization is achieved.

Section 2: Are you currently implementing the teachings.

At present I am working on controlling thoughts, and actions. I am also working on focusing on purpose, and not reacting to negative environmental encounters.

Additionally I am trying to find a suitable locale for daily activities.

Section 3: If not how will you implement.

I plan to move forward gaining a better understanding as I progress.

Section 4: Comment on a response to a previous posting.

I selected Sebai Maa’s response (7371) to DamazAlexis (7286) 11/28/16 on Level 1 Lesson 7.

The central concept was the use of Maat when the course of action is not apparent.
Sebai Maa pointed out that the ultimate goal is to exist in Maat therefore there are ‘no choices regarding actions’ because all actions will originate from Maatian truth.

This was the comment I found insightful. As one advances one moves more towards a consistent state of existence inwardly leading to consistent reactions outwardly.