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Asar Maat E

Temple of Asar Lesson 1 Assignment

What knowledge and experience with the temple spaces, iconography and hieroglyphs has been gained from this lesson and how does it feel to grow into the experience of this knowledge.

Discussion forum Task 1 – Selected knowledge – 360 Temple

This lesson provides much discussion of the Temple of Asar main sections of the initiate temple sequence.

Most notably, for my personality, the 360 site displays the spaces, iconography and hieroglyphs beginning with translations of the outer entranceway texts. The text tells of how the Royal Personality Rameses/Ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt has been chosen by Ra to perform an action that causes one to become a Shining Spirit in the abode of eternity, meaning becoming enlightened.

The inner entranceway text references the Royal personality as a child of God and the nine aspects of personality. Knowing that the temple offers these great gifts to the aspirant is Nefer. It creates pleasant anticipation even though one has visited the temple in person.

The remains of the pylons are the next significant feature moving inward from the area of the wells in the outer court #2. Only remains of the base of the pylons are present today. Sebai Maa noted that they may have been taken down over the years by locals seeking to use the stone for their homes. This left a sense of surprise with me about how the needs of the present day society (which does not culturally or spirituality value the antiquity) have impacted the desecration of the temples.

The discussion of the scene on the south wall of the Horse Drawn chariot, the southwestern and northwestern corners as parts of the holographic convergence were explained. Notably, the symbol of the processional energy and the offering of prisoners symbolizing the vices of the lower self and the impure personality being offered or delivered to the God Amun representing the Higher Self is discussed. This iconography has such profound implications for self-reflection as one is entering in the temple and moving along one’s spiritual journey. In all of the iconographic symbolism, there is a tremendous opportunity for self-reflection and integration of the knowledge to one’s personality.

Immense joy is with me in virtually passing through the temple courts. Having attended the Kemet 2017 trip the knowledge is familiar, yet going through the 360 and reading now brings a refreshing sense of joy. Reading the words and watching the video while Sebai Maa spoke enlivens my personality. Sitting through the meditation practice at section two of the open court of Asar was especially Nefer as well. During the meditation discussion of the openness of the court and purification of light, fire, and air were the theme (along with Dua Ra Khepera hekau) following the theme of water in the open court #2 (along with hekau Dua Asar Un Nefer Neterah). The joy engendered by meditating with the guidance of the spiritual preceptor and the vivid images left such a positive impression on my personality.
Asar Maat E.

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