Reply To: Teachings of Temple of Aset Lesson 1 Discussion Forum #2

Nefer Ka Ra

Dua Bastu Baket for your insightful reply. I appreciate the way you reflected what I expressed in the posting and how you shared your own insights and perspectives, and I appreciated the extra effort you took to research the root of the word “nexus” which according to your research has its root in a word that ultimately means to “bind” or “tie”, how relevant, considering that’s what the Sanskrit term YOGA means, and as we also know, our own Kemetic terms, Smai Tawi or Sema, Hetep, and Nefer mean as well. I also look forward to your other insights shared throughout this course, and I’m grateful to have you and the other Bastu, to look to and for encouragement to progress in this course, and ultimately to continue with positive spiritual evolution.

Dua Htp,

Sunnu Nefer Ka Ra