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The audio consist of repetition of the Four Great Truths.

Explain the teachings in my own words.

My understanding of the first truth is that a single divinity is responsible for all that is in existence. All that IS exist singularly in nature but is perceived as dual by mankind. Duality is an illusion.

The second truth is embracing duality as a substantial ultimate reality is ignorance. Given the illusion of duality, actions emphasizing ‘I’ over ‘others’ are actually ‘I’ vs ‘I’. This is why the concept of MAAT is enduring because ‘I’ vs ‘I’ becomes ‘I’ righteously reinforcing ‘I’.

The third truth is devotion to understanding the divine moves the perception away from duality towards the reality of singularity. ‘Me’, ‘mine’ and ‘my’ becomes ‘us’ as enlightenment evolves one to a higher level of realization. Freedom from bondage comes in the form of reduction in negative entanglements both internally and externally.

The fourth truth is following the practices that lead to true enlightenment has as an ultimate outcome resulting in a personality entirely and consistently of MAAT. Living and speaking truth.

Are you currently implementing the teachings and if not how will you implement them.

I have listened, read and reflected on many of the teachings. I think anyone interested in becoming a better human being would be well served to do the same. I plan to expand efforts in meditation as it offers the best path forward towards growth.