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The themes of the video included the following:

The elements of the devotional practice and the meaning of each component.

This spoke to practices and actions regarding reverence, the essential nature of mankind, conduct in life aligned with recognizing that essential nature, and selfless offering to promote deepening spiritual development.

Devotional phrases were discussed with technique and meaning presented.

The meaning of 1000 beef and geese, found in many funerary inscriptions, was explained.

The Four Great Truths were given which is paraphrased below:

1) There is only one God.
2) Lack of knowledge of who you are is the bases for unrighteous behavior which keeps you separated from spiritual enlightenment.
3) Devotion to truth frees one from the bondage that blocks the path to spiritual enlightenment.
4) When one achieves spiritual enlightenment via good listening, correct actions, practicing devotion, and reflection then one is said to be “True of Speech” or “Pure of Heart”.

The temple structure was discussed with the meaning of the regions in the temple disclosed.

How the Shedy practice was passed down to mankind and the meaning of the term Shetaut Neter was explained.

It was mentioned that self-hatred, self-doubt, ignorance, and misunderstanding can all be overcome through devotional practices.


I am most impressed by:

The coherency of the system which has as an end objective the realization of the meaning of existence and which outlines the path to this goal involving the acquisition of knowledge with understanding and the practices required to achieve that outcome.