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Maat Middleton

Temple of Asar 360 Assignment Lesson 2
In the Open Court #2, “What it feels like in this place”

As I sit and meditate upon the wisdom of purity and visualize that the waters that come from the well will purify the entire court and me as I dwell on it and resolve to engage in this cleansing environment as long as necessary seeking the feelings of my good nature, becoming relaxed, being inspired by my devotional practices and intentions and being grateful for the teachings and to the glorious priests and priestesses who built this place with their everlasting influences as my guide which led me back to this place. I am chanting to Neberdjer and the Gods and Goddesses for assistance to cleanse my body and mind before moving forward into this divine and great change to my nature in pursuit of the purpose and goal of the Temple, spiritual enlightenment and supreme self-knowledge.

I am so grateful to my ancestors for building this place and knowing that I would one day return to this place for the wisdom, purity and devotion needed for a holistic and concerted experience leading me to grow like a crescent Moon expanding into the full Moon (fullness of mental understanding).

The waters derived from Nile Waters, with their revitalizing and cleansing elements cause me to become relaxed and be assured of their love, protection and powers, I accept them as my own, I release my impurities in good grace, my heart is freed, my heart is lighter, my heart is free. My mind grabs onto the wisdom teachings of the Gods and Goddesses, the Neteru’s that have been guiding me and I now have the teachings and guidance of the Sages both in and out of flesh with a mentor and spiritual preceptor. I am safe and of sound mind, ready and willing to transcend worldly life and return to my essence divinely. I have gained more control over my lower nature and will continue to do so in my growth. I give myself to Maat and Amun that they may have their way with me.