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Maat Middleton

Temple of Asar
Lesson 2 Reading Assignment Page 46-64

Among the cleansing, healing and purification process that I have been applying towards my resurrection and becoming true to myself, I am experiencing the effects of the Ancient African Egyptian Yoga system known at Shetaut Neter that has become a wonderful and great blessing added to my lifestyle.

Page 48 Religion and Yoga

Yoga is the discipline and practice of purifying the mind, body and spirit which lead to self-control and self-discovery, so as to discover the deeper spiritual essence within every human being and object in the universe. The goal of yoga is to yoke or reunite the individual consciousness with universal or cosmic consciousness. Therefore the Ancient Egyptian religious practice known as Shetaut Neter offers the way of the hidden Supreme Being by way of ancient Egyptian Yoga in its purest form through religion, as a yoga system to reunite people with their true and original source.

These ancient disciplines of yoga fall under five major categories. These are Yoga of Wisdom, Yoga of Devotional Love, Yoga of Meditation, Tantric Yoga and Yoga of Selfless Action. It’s important to remember that all aspects of yoga can and should be used in an integral fashion to effect an efficient and harmonized spiritual movement in the practitioner.

The practice of any discipline that leads to oneness with Supreme Consciousness can be called yoga. Yoga has been developed into many disciplines which may be used in an integral fashion to achieve the same goal: Enlightenment.

To study, rationalize and reflect upon the teachings is practicing yoga of Wisdom. When you meditate upon the teachings and your higher self, you are practicing yoga of meditation. If you practice rituals which identify you with your spiritual nature, you’re practicing yoga of ritual identification. If you develop your physical nature and psychic energy centers, you are practicing Serpent Power (Kundalini or Uraeus) yoga. When you practice living according to the teachings of ethical behavior and selflessness, you are practicing yoga of action (Maat) in daily life. To practice turning your attention towards the Divine by developing love for the Divine, then it is called Devotional yoga or Yoga of Divine Love.

A male practitioner of yoga is called yogin, a female practitioner is called yogini and one who has attained the culmination of yoga (union with the Divine) is called yogi. An aspirant should learn about all of the paths of yoga and choose those elements which best suit their personality or practice them all in an integral balanced way.