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Comment 1: During the last conference I witness that Seba Dja was accosted by an aspirant and talked to with harsh tones of speech and wondered if the Unut who knew this person communicated with the person to discuss the issue or the appropriateness of that interaction? For myself and others who might have been around that seemed out of place and inappropriate and disturbing.

Response to Comment 1: There are two aspects to this question that I would like to address. This is an interesting assignment since I was directly involved with this situation. I was to inform that individual who accosted Seba Dja that she would have to move her items (as everybody did with few exceptions) for sell to another location and not in the main sanctuary. I was not there when she was accosted but I wondered what I would have done if I was there. I pray that I would have spoken up. Later I did ask her about it but she said her anger was directed towards Shems Arit for making the announcement that services were being offered. Point 1) the aspirant who wrote this letter must not have known that Seba Dja is very capable for speaking for herself if she chooses to. Knowing this made me ask myself, “Why did Seba Dja want us to protect her from this very thing?” Then I realized that it may be too much an energy flow interruption when her focus is on her presentation and other needed counseling that she gives during the conferences. Which leads me to Point 2) The person that made this comment should have seen a strong defense for our preceptors by us (the Hmu). We should never appear weak and why should we if are living Maakheru. This would give new individuals/ aspirants to the teachings insights as to how much we love the teachings by our defense and devotions to our preceptors.

Comment 2: There is another issue that I have been thinking about for some time and I would like to share. I have heard you speak in the past of developing the organization of Shetaut Neter practitioners. I am not in the hemu group but I find it weird that I see members of the hemu group doing independent programs and trips without going with you or Seba Dja? I don’t understand how the temple is to grow if everyone is doing their own things? Shouldn’t everyone work together and support the main temple to build a strong temple for us all by supporting your efforts so we can get more kemet university programs and trips with you? Whenever I attend class or conference especially in the last years I realize how much there is more to go over of past teachings but also how much more there is in the teaching and would like you to be facilitated to give more.

Response to Comment 2: I’m not sure how long this particular aspirant has been with our organization but if that person has been with the group for a while then they should know that the Hmus have and are doing (to their capacity) work that supports the growth of Sema Institute. Our independent projects are just a way of expressing the work that we were sent here to do. Perhaps the aspirant is searching for themselves a way in which they could support Sebai Maa and Seba Dja more. Looking at others is a way of escaping responsibilities or serious lack of commitment on their part. Hopefully the perceived lack that the aspirant see in us will activate their desire to do more.

The issue of Unity:

I like to think that we do have a certain amount of unity within the Sema Institute. We have stayed together for almost 20 years putting on conferences and supporting special Sema Institute projects. We have done very well since the Shems are spread out across the country. We’ve had two opportunities where resources were sent to support the Temple in Opps, Alabama and in Atlanta. Although neither of these projects could be sustained, it did show a rallying of support to make this a reality. It also provided us with valuable information (lessons learned) if we were to pursue this option collectively as a group.
Having said that, I believe that Sebai Maa and Seba Dja focus is not now necessarily on organization or structure building but their focus is on the restoration of the Kemetic teachings. If organization building and Temple building were their priorities we would have a Temple by now as evidenced by their ability to produce 60 plus books on the Kemetic philosophy. Our seemingly failure to build a Temple is not because we don’t have unity but because there has been no burning desire from any member of the group to organize to build one. Again since we are spread across the country the task may seem daunting. Our Preceptors have decided to focus on other things more inlined wih their Ariu after giving it one and a half try. Which leads the doors open for those that want to pursue the physical aspects of building a Kemetic Temple either in the US or locations elsewhere as designated by Global Warming.