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Bastu Yashi

Peer response:

Udja, and dua Bastu Akhu for your Lesson 7 reflections in postings #7619 and 7644. I also have been attracted and inspired by the Asetian wisdom transmitted via the myth and also began to develop greater awareness of the integral nature of Khak ab. I enjoyed your allusion to clouds, and watching them float, rather than being reactive. I similarly integrate the concept of being the Nun, rather than getting caught up in the, “waves,” reorienting self to truth in the moment. I also have noticed less distraction/agitation with a related increase in energy to engage in spiritual practice in this area. Also, your statement in regard to the importance of Antet begag and An chen, to remain oriented and focused on removing the illusion of Ra is also highly relevant.

Your quote in post # 7644 was also inspiring. I have noticed a developing feeling of, “seeking after, remaining near and dwelling with the goddess.” This developing, integral practice has become increasingly comforting in times of adversity. I recently visited the TTOA and noticed increased intensity of reflection in this regard. I noticed that instead of increased sensory stimulation while visiting, I felt comforted and oneness. I felt a blanket of energetic calm, assisting me to further integrate that I am indeed the TTOA. Dua, again for your reflection, htp,

Shems Yashi

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