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Maat Middleton

Temple of Asar Lesson 1 Comment from Shems Baket Post

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In reflection on what Shems Baket wrote: In the forward section of this book, I especially resonated with the beginning words-“What do you most want in life? For what are you truly looking? What is there in life to fulfill your deepest longings, needs and desires?”

Over all I also find it a remarkable fact what Sebai Maa wrote: “The goal of yoga is to promote integration of the mind-body-spirit complex in order to produce optimal health of the human being.” Therefore I find Sebai Maa book African Religion Vol. 4. Another great blessing to humanity. As Shems Baket stated he is not only speaking about the physical well-being of a human being but also of the mind and spirit.

My life experiences have led me here to the more than glorious sage Sebai Maa and this volume of divine truths and ancient wisdom teachings that Sebai Maa has prepared and placed before humanity in this day and time. Thus allowing me the greatest opportunity to discover my true nature, the correct ways to take care of the health of the body, mind and spirit, the integral related factors behind the ancient African Religion of Shetaut Neter and the Mystical Spirituality of ourselves and our true relations to the Supreme Being.

This amazing historical collection of maps, hieroglyphs, temple locations in the land once called Kemet and the traditional African Religious practices and philosophy that was honored and lived by the ancient African Sages who created and provided the world with the greatest civilization and government ever known to mankind on this planet, has within it’s teaching the powers to restore order and harmony in the life of those who come forth to learn, practice and grow into a spiritual life of enlightenment.

I for one understand how difficult it is living under the structure of the modern day culture and society, how unhealthy is has made me physically, mentally and spiritually over the years, so to have found the yoga discipline or way of life designed to promote the physical, mental and spiritual development of the human being is what I call a greater blessing than anything money or gold can buy.

To be led to discover the answer to the most important question of life such as where am I going and who am I, is an art that has been intentionally removed from the western culture, so I find it marvelous to be reconnecting myself back into these disciplines, philosophy and wisdom teachings of the ancient sages African religion better known as Shetaut Neter.

Yes indeed this western lifestyle has pushed me towards this great awakening of
the great ancestral wisdom teachings and this great sage Dr. Muata Ashby, Sebai Maa and my true goal in life. I am so grateful and thankful to and for this path of life that leads to enlightenment, Nehast, Akhu. For me this western society has manipulated my childhood development and helped furthered the actions and behaviors of the nature of Seth within me, so I now gladly humble myself to these higher knowledge, learning and practices so that Heru will receive the proper guidance and control over Seth within me.