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Maat Middleton

Temple of Asar Lesson 1 Reading Assignment

I resonated with the reading about Nehast: The great spiritual awakening: the ultimate goal of life, which means spiritual awakening that leads one to discover the glory of life beyond death, discovering immortality, eternity and supreme peace. Nehast is the most worthy goal because all else in life will fade away one day. All else is perishable, fleeting and illusory. Nehast is the awakening to spiritual consciousness. Nehast means to wake-up, to awaken to the higher existence.

One cannot attain resurrection and spiritual awakening just by faith. Faith must be followed by action, living in accordance with the teachings, that leads to a growing understanding of and finally experience of the divine.

The end of all Neterian disciplines is to discover the meaning of who am I?” to unravel the mysteries of life and to fathom the depth of eternity and infinity. This can be done by learning the ways of the Neteru and emulating them, becoming life them and finally becoming them, Akhus walking the earth as giants and accomplishing great deeds.

Akhu means “enlightened beings” Akhu is a person who has achieved Nehast. Who has achieved awakening the great enlightenment? Although Nehast and Akhu is the ultimate goal one of the basic philosophical principles of Shetaut Neter and a Kamitan proverb states “Men and woman are to become God-like through a life of virtue and cultivation of the spirit through scientific knowledge, practice and bodily discipline.”

This is a matter for much deeper study, for work in the Temples, for metaphysics and all the rest of the teachings that is to be received, studied and meditated upon, the book reading, how to cleanse and elevate yourself in consciousness which is the hard part of the process and that must be done. The resurrection of the mind, body and soul is the reason we are returning to the ancient Egyptian sage teachings because there in it we will find the roots of the glorious path that yokes us back to our divine essence and spiritual reality with the Supreme Being Neberdjer from which we came.

What knowledge and experience with the temple spaces, iconography and hieroglyphs has been gained from this lesson and how does it feel to grow into the experience of this knowledge.

It feels great to grow into the experiences of this knowledge most of the time, although sometimes it become very challenging to the state of my presence personality that is undergoing cleansing and purification. The temple is filled with spaces, iconography and hieroglyphs providing the teachings and facts that leads the aspirant’s to pursue the higher mysteries of life, the mystical, metaphysical disciplines that lead to attaining transcendental consciousness, enlightenment, the great spiritual awakening, also for those new to the higher mysteries, to inspire and inform their understanding, practice and spiritual evolution.

It shows us that the ancient Africans had a higher culture and understanding of humanity than the present day so-called advanced civilization.

So as the spiritual aspirant study as prescribed by the ancient sage teachings (Shetaut Neter), listening to the teachings, reflecting and constant study of the teachings and meditation of the meaning of the teachings they will grow to the state of Nehast/ Akhu.