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A.) The most important themes were Kemit culture, migration, and the ice age. When people migrated out of Kemit, they took their culture with them. For example, the Yoruba and Dogon religion. The Yoruba has the Orisha which has the same functions as Kemit religion, just different names. The Dogon has 8 gods and goddesses; 4 pairs (opposites). It reverts back to the Supreme Being. When Kemit was being disrupted by the Romans, Persia, etc. they started migrating out of Kemit into East Africa and Asia. With the ice age, there was a development in technology in Europe and the abundance in Africa left the people stagnate technology-wise.
B.) The most important theme to me was Kemit culture because they were the first and most civil nation that last for upwards of 36,000 years compared to when the culture was taken over around 1,000 BCE up until now. Also, the reason why Kemit culture is important is because pre-Kemit when they migrated to the Nile, that is where the culture developed and from there it flourished and lasted for 36,000 years. This is where the constellations and the zodiac emerge.