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marcus muse

Level 1 lesson 3 video assignment
What are the main teachings ? The relationships between Indian Hatha Yoga and the origins are given or some light is shed on the topic by some scholars and teachers of similar philosophies. The origins however, point to Ancient Kemet as the origins of yoga . The practitioners of many eastern and western philosophical studies deny this fact.
Sebai Maa also talks about or answers a question by an aspirant dealing with other philosophies peering into the kemetic teachings but not adhering to the deeper knowledge inside. This is so that the protect their own personal and egoistic investments.time and embarrassment that may have been wasted.

I was moved by the analogy about star treks “borgs”, and how they assimilate and use other cultures and create their own race of beings. This in turn is how some may go about practicing spirituality. Although this may all be in good spirit, it is haphazard and also holds its own negative implications.
Sebai Maa also goes on to say that avoiding the deeper teachings is a way of excusing ones self from discovering the deeper meanings of the philosophy. The philosophies are “ all saying the same things” is a way of relieving ones self of the actions involved in discovering the deeper essence of Egyptian Mysteries.

Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the lecture? If so which ones ? I currently learn from all of life, as I see my experiences as the best teacher. This does come in the form of seers, saints, painters, activists, teachers and students, young and old, seemingly wise and seemingly ignorant. I do however practice Shetaut Neter as a spirituality and religious conduit exclusively and give adorations only to the Gods and Goddesses of old, practitioners, priests and kings as I see this perspective necessary and beneficial to my self and for those around me. I seek vigorously and tenaciously the mysteries and use every article at my disposal to crack open the Pandora’s box of universal understanding. This is in hopes to collect my insight from within and to be able and willing to decipher from my own intuition and intelligence what the sages of old have passed down.
-aspirant Rakhem