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RaKhem KhepeRa

What are the main teachings of this lecture? Understanding why it is important that the spiritual work is done. It is important for all to come back to a cosmic realization and ultimate identity of who one truly is as being the essence of creation. This is done through the reconstruction of African cultural history and human history as Sebai Maa explains. This history and intellect respectively has been atrophied ,clouded and stunted by worldly and egoistic notions. This has set back or put aside the progress of the human intellect and overall goodness of our world and personalities. Through the wisdom teachings and proverbial text, purification and ritual and the ancient ways and values, the work relays this well needed wisdom to the aspirant. ultimately what I understand is that getting back to our ancient spiritual way of being is well needed in the world and this is what compels the actions of the Sebai.
What is creation? From a metaphysical standpoint it is no more than a dream. If we are the creators of the dream than we have the power to create creation and witness it as well. This explanation and the mythical explanation hold the same value for me, intelligence from an ultimate being which is a macro of the micro.