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Maat Middleton

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 Lesson 17 Interaction Audio Assignment

102AA Introduction to Kemetic Diet Track 2.mp3.

On Sebai Maa reply #7246 on Lindsey Hunnictt (participant) reply #7244

I found Sebai Maa reply to be a remarkable exchange of reality that concerns the process of Lindsey Hunnictt statement “I follow a vegan diet, and am in the process of re-engaging in the Neterian Community.”

Sebai Maa reply added more of a profound understanding of my (the) spiritual journey and its reality. The process is so gradual in stages. The aryu creates certain obstructions until they are cleared so that renewal can take place and a forward movement can be taken and made. Certain events and situations will take place in an aspirant’s life that causes them to find themselves in the depths of backwardness which is only a temporary setback.

My journey has allowed me to and also force me to experience and face many factors of temporary setback over and over again. I now have a greater understanding of what was and has been taking place alongside of my forward attempts to carry out my will to live truth. The Aryu constantly creating challenges for me to resolve within myself, distracting me as I have been moving forward and away from the dream world into furthering myself into reality which allows the vile of Auset to be removed.

I have always been able to reconnect myself back to my authentic commitment to move forward into and further my desires for the greater and higher truths, although my aryu presented many challenges for me to resolve. I am still moving forward to the ultimate outcome which will be progressive.

So I do relate to having to re-engage in the Neterian Community time and again, yet this time around I have found the correct and proper preceptor, wisdom teachings and practices. The process is gradual for a long time for many of us, but it’s proper and leads to enlightenment because the soul or the spirit does want peace and happiness and loves righteousness.