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Maat Middleton

cEgyptian Mysteries Level 1 Lesson 17 Audio Assignment

102AA introduction to Kemetic Diet Track 2. Mp3

1- What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words.

Meat is one of the first things one has to stop eating.

We are living in contradiction with life and nature. Our diet is in contradiction with the necessary requirements of our bodies.

The meat and cattle industry has engaged us in the idea of needing protein and people have been trained to eat more meat.

If you do the research yourself, you can use an encyclopedia and it will even tell you that human beings don’t need to eat meat for protein.

If you eat the correct foods like a variety of fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts and grain and so forth you can get all the proteins you need.

After a life of eating meat and cooked foods your body may not be able for a time to absorb the nutrients directly from organic foods and raw foods. In this case we need to engage in the art of juicing vegetables, which will allow you to get more of the nutrients in the vegetables.

The teachings is that we are spiritual beings who is having human experiences and it’s the spirit, so we have to continue to identify with our higher nature or higher self, which is spirit.

We have to ask ourselves what is our purpose here and if our purpose is to be the higher self, then we have to weigh the foods we eat and eat the foods of our culture and the culture of our spirit. We can eat the foods of other cultures as long as those foods are in harmony with our spirit.

We are talking about the highest diet of the initiate, the priests and the priestesses, the type of purity in our lives in order for us to succeed in life with our culture again in life.
Diseases coming from several difference sources is not true, all diseases come from the mettu, the vascular system which obstructs the personality.

There are three kinds of foods: food for the body, food for the mind and food for the soul. Kemetic philosophy teaches us to provide ourselves with the proper foods for each aspect of the human personality, otherwise an imbalance will occur. This imbalance will lead to the emergence of the disease process called Ukhedu (mucus).

The food for the body is to be fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, proper breathing, and rest and right actions. The food for the mind is to be uplifting thoughts, positive thoughts based on truth and proper breathing, the food for the soul is recognized to be the subtle essence of the divine, e.g., the light of the spirit itself, self-knowledge which is achieved through virtuous living.

Because the ways of society we learn to eat too much. The next principle is that all your foods should be green. Your foods should be coming from a green source.

Food for the mind is the teachings towards spiritual enlightenment, that is what makes you green, make you flourish as a human being. That which is green is divine. If you eat the green you become green in your feelings, your thoughts and your become one with the divine.

There are foods that leads you to being constricted. There are food that people consume that has a strong effect on their psyche and many people are not aware of this and western culture continues to advertise such food for consumption although they cause agitation, movement and distraction in the mind. The body need food to support a harmonious state of balance and equanimity. There are even foods that cause the mind to be dull and there are lucid foods for a lucid mind.

We must fast from the world of illusions, and be fasting from the lust of the world, from greed and etc. We must learn how to control our desires and that’s called the discipline of the spirit. Fasting for the mind, learning how to be dispassionate and detached, getting quiet time, leaving the televisions and worldly associations.

The soul must have fasting, meditation, the soul seeks expansion, infinity or true fulfillment.

Anger is classified as a mild form of insanity yet people are trained that it’s normal.

On the spiritual path one must be willing to submit to the higher authority to lead you through it.

Fasting for the mind also need wisdom, wisdom allows you to understand the world, so it will not affect you in the same way.

With the mind you practice concentration on the teachings and learn the art of controlling the mind and emotions, thoughts to change vibrations like
Anger to forgiveness. Hatred to understanding, love and forgiveness. Greed into generosity and unselfishness. Lust into purity and self-sublimation. Envy and jealousy into satisfaction. Discontentment to contentment and not comparing yourself to others. Boredom into right action. Pride into humility.

2- Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the book and the lecture? If so which one (s)?

I have stop eating animal, poultry, fish and dairy products. I have just recently added more greenery to my diet with juicing greenery. I am experiencing a good and positive flow of energy from the green juice and I am working towards the discipline to make juicing greenery and a regular practice in my life and health process. I have made up my mind to stop cooking with salt as an attempt to slow down the use of it to stop using it.

I have reduced my watching television, listening to worldly music for spiritual religious music that Sebai Maa makes, health music. I have more quiet time and spend a lot more time alone for peace and calm for my mind and spirit connection. I am also using some supplements for my health. I engage in good associations for my mind and soul.

I am also doing meditation and cultivating virtue in order to have positive thoughts and actions more.