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Maat Middleton

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 Lesson 17 Video Assignment
Kemetic Diet Class Part 4.wmv, Part 5.wmv, Part 6.wmv

Kemetic Diet Part 4.wmv2- List the important themes presented

Kemetic diet is about the higher form of food.

If you eat food that elevate you, you become elevated. If you eat foods that degrade you, you become degraded, it’s that simple.

Modern society has complicated many things and so has the medical society and dietitians, you don’t know if you are going or coming and you don’t know how to keep yourself healthy.

The television keeps people jumping after poisonous foods that creates illnesses.

If you want to become a true initiate of the scriptures then you cannot eat meat, fish, poultry and you cannot use drugs or alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, or prescriptions drugs as will.

There is a move going on to try to outlaw and stop natural practitioners and put them out of business, by medical doctors.

If you want to become a true spiritual initiate, you have to become very well versed and highly evolved initiate in health, philosophy, history and the arts, this is what it means to become well rounded advanced human being.

We should consider how the government allows junk foods to be pushed over sea, in Africa, in Asia. The same junk that our law won’t allow them to sell here, they are allowed to sell over there. Why are our politician allowing this to happen? Why are the politicians over there allowing it to happen, they are getting paid off too. There are situations of unrighteousness all the way around.

Elements of the mind and remedies: You should consider anger, hatred, greed, jealousy, boredom, pride, lust, envy, depression, these are all diseases of the mind, and they have their remedies.

If you have anger you should engage in forgiveness. For hatred change it into understanding, love and forgiveness. For greed use generosity and unselfishness. Change lust into purity and self-sublimation. Envy and jealousy into satisfactions and Discontentment to contentment and not comparing yourself to others. Change boredom into right action. Pride into humility.

If you want to eradicate negative vibrations then you should engage in a positive vibrations.

First you understand it as a diet of vegetables, a fresh foods diet of cleansing. If you have a righteous food diet, with green juices, you may not need supplement.

Kemetic Diet Class Part 5.wmv

Cleansing is a gradual process.

Pain in the body comes from the toxins in the body.

Sebai Maa when over nutritional supplements that are beneficial for a vegetarian diet.

Neteru’s are cosmic forces.

If you live your life eating from the higher philosophy and make your vascular system green you’ll be freed from Ukhedu (mucus) which is the disease.

Kemetic Diet Class Part 6.wmv.

Ptah engender creation through his thought and Sekhmet carries it out through her life force energy. She is also the Goddess of the Serpent Power, the energy that sustains all life.

Sekhmet/ Het Heru, is one of the presiding divinities of Doctor, she promotes health by destroying the disease and unrighteousness. The disease is of the mind, its vices and unrighteousness, anger, hatred, greed, lust, envy, jealousy and also the unrighteousness of the body that disease process.

Prayer are promoted to Goddess Sekhmet/ Het Heru, so that she will promote healing and freedom from disease.The spiritual teachings allows the person to come out from under the stresses of the world, the disease, the pettiness of the world, Sekhmet fell under the world delusion.

Ra sent Djehuty down to the world to find Sekhmet and to bring her back. Djehuty gave Sekhmet some beer laced with blood, which made her go to sleep. Djehuty gave Sekhmet / Het Heru divine food, the actual divine essence, the Eucharist, which is beyond words and as you consume that you become like unto it. The divine food that comes directly from Ra, its purity, energetic level and value, it’s transcendental, and it’s the highest physical food that one can eat. Sekhmet/Het Heru begin to feel a positive feeling that lead her to be free from gross vibrations such as anger and hatred, and the desire to eat Djehuty, then she begin to trust him and listen to him more and she was lead to enlightenment.

There is a proper way to approach worldly people, there is an improper way, there a way to lead them.

The ego has contracted many people of the world.

The temple is a sedative from the world.

What’s in contradiction with spiritual enlightenment, too much activity, too much mental activity?

You have to get into righteous actions especially when your mind is dull so that you can progress to a higher out lock in life, to have positive desires.

The aspect of consuming food with the sense of uniting with the divine who is being represented by the food is known as the Eucharist.

The very toot source of all diseases is ignorance of one’s true nature. In mystical philosophy, ignorance of one’s true nature is regarded as the only true disease that exists.

If you were to chant and enter into divine singing and you were to have food around, the food will soak up those vibrations. It will soak up those positive feelings, it will be therefore sanctified.

Divine food is part of the Kemetic program, all of your food should be of this level and quality.

Positive thoughts leads you to enlightenment, positive thoughts leads you to the possibility of never experiencing depress.

If you practice the teachings in the correct way you don’t have to ever worry about falling into a depress state, you never have to worry about getting Bi Polar disorder, or about getting schizophrenia, or by having temptations to do drugs or being plagued by modern society, or have to worry or have anxiety about what’s going to happen next in your life, you never have to worry about stress and never have to worry about being committed and taken to a mental hospital, it’s just not going to happen.

If you were to understand the righteous way of thinking, things that is based on truth, thinking that is based on righteousness and order as opposed to about thinking about things in a worldly way, a way that is untruth. For instance there are people who think they are going to live forever, which is an untruth. Some people get into so many worldly things that they run after the world and eventually self-destruct.

Righteousness leads to harmony and peace in the world.

Your clothing should be hygienically clean and also you’re bedding regularly.
Be happy you are not the body, the body which is a conglomerate of elements of Ari or your karmic basic as well as excrement, these are the three aspects of your body. The food that you use become excrement and the essence of the food is what you take in to use to sustain life and this is not you, you transcend this.

Kissing is a western custom, it was not originally found in Africa or in eastern countries, it’s something that was engendered by western colonialism and western culture now through Hollywood, the romance ideas and all the sex that is in western culture.

Kissing should be avoided, we have enough germs of our own to deal with.

If a person lives a righteous life the Serpent Powers open up naturally.

3- Explain what impressed you most in this presentation

I am very impressed by how we have been created, our mind, body and soul. It’s such a wonderful thing to know that by living Maat, a righteous life and eating righteously foods that nature provides which live the mind and body into harmony with the universe and the divine within and all around you. I am impressed by how the ancient African Sages taught and discovered the mysteries of the mind, body and spirit, what would keep those elements in the of our existence in perfect harmony with the cosmic forces as well as the divine.

I am impressed that the higher philosophy that came out of Kemet still allows you the power to make your vascular system green and be freed from Ukhedu (mucus) which is the disease. It’s a wonder that our ancient African teachings, practices, philosophy and truths has the powers to heal and correct the life of mankind and promote health, happiness and enlightenment. I am also in the process of experiencing my transcendental reality gradually as I have been taking on these ancient beliefs, practices and lifestyle.

It’s so important to understand how society has made the greatest afford to break the conscious of mankind and lead them into sin and sickness. It’s important to know that the worldly lifestyle leads to pain, sickness and unhappiness on every level, as they promote eating meat, fish, poultry, drinking alcohol, taking drugs and smoking cigarettes, using prescriptions drugs to harm the life force, mind and body of those who use them. This can clearly be seen as an act of self- harm and sin, but it’s all considered normal activity in the world, yet we are learning and know that this is not the way our ancient ancestors lived. This was not the ways of the gods and goddesses that gave higher philosophy, health, history, arts and healing to the world. I am impressed to discovery my truth and to be in the process of taking on these truths and restoring Maat order within my life due to the hard work and love of truth from Sebai Maa and Seba Dja, who made it all possible for these teachings to be recorded and shared with us. Much love and praises to them for the peace and happiness they have discovered in this day and time, they are the living truth that they share. I truly understand that it makes no sense for me to follow the world back into hell, sickness and destruction of my mind, body and spirit. I am finding life so much better now and I function better as a goddess finding her way to enlightenment.