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A good reading of the scripture up to this point.
The scriptures on the temple walls, for example, have their place in leading one to develop khak-ab but these and other special scriptures included in the PMH contain deeper mysteries through philosophy, myth, metaphysics, mysticism.

There can be highly mystic scriptures inscribed in temple panels but the big difference is that those temple texts tend to be formulaic or having short scriptural focus like difference between a book of 100 pages and a short 1 page essay.
Kneading the taffy shepsy

The “kneading” process is a critical part of the spiritual shedy. Just as a sculptor may work with clay and form clay into varied forms and then through skilled rubbing and forming with the hands cause the clay to take specific shapes and forms, so too a spiritual aspirant uses the spiritual disciplines chant, exercises, study of philosophy, meditation etc. to change the shape of the behaviors, change the shape of feelings, change the shape of conscious awareness and ultimately change the shape of the unconscious mind. The kneading that shapes the personality into one-pointed awareness and desire is critical in the teaching of Aset as this caused the subtle energies of the energy centers to take the TS form that will then take the form of silence and immobility and that is the mind where thoughts have ceased. Having taken that shape the aspirant has kneaded themselves (Aset) into a form fit to pierce the illusion of mind and nature (Ra) that the soul has bought into by being in the shape of a mortal ignorant human being. Just as a potter skillfully shapes the clay with feeling, sensitivity, patiene and concentration, so too the aspirant needs to apply these capacities to the kneading process. Thus it is important to develop positive feeling, forbearance, nonviolence and care for the nature of the Soul (Unconscious impression) (Asar), to put his pieces together in the proper locations and thus reintegrate the personality so that it might be properly in touch with and aware of its transcendental nature.

Wisdom worked its magic on creation putting a spell on it without even being suspected, its execution was very subtle yet powerful and effective.
The magic that “wisdom worked” is the magic of transmutation that occurs by “working the clay”-changing the lump of unformed matter to the specific form that can accomplish the desired goal- so to have the power to perform magic it is necessary to have a pure desire for seeking enlightenment and then do the work of clearing the obstructions to the intuitional wisdom that can recognize the deeper essence of nature. Then, the seemingly magical outcomes of enlightened intuition appear and the illusions about Creation projected by the mind are thrown asunder.