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Bastu Yashi

Response to Sebai’s Feedback, Post 18662

Udja, and dua Sebai Maa for your response to my post #17970, reflections on Lesson 6. Also, dua for the clarification on Aset wanting to be like Ra, who is not a sage, but is the Neter Neterty, dual expression of transcendental divinity in time and space. Thereby, I appreciate your reiterating that Aset renounced the paths of humans, gods and sages, also noting her related renunciation of related lower paths/mysteries.

Your expounding on renunciation – including the importance of reflection and the initiatic development of Saa rech rather than just disgust or disappointment – also remains pertinent to the Anteg begag, Khak ab and An chen process. As you stated, this entails deep reflection on the mind, its conceptions/tendencies and related lower mysteries, key to developing and nourishing the taffy shepsy. This may assist me in the development of the Saa rech, integrally, to ultimately embody the transcendental name of Ra. Similarly, you mentioned that deep reflection on the lower mysteries and related egoistic challenging of conceptions/delusions is entailed in this process, which is unique to the initiates aric path. Relatedly, cultivating the Asetian path, walking Shedy/meditation and Maatian based living is key to my challenging unconscious pressures to continue deluded automatic responses.

As such, I find the Asetian path beautiful and glorious, I appreciate the model of the journey of “humanness” to Goddessness, the mysticism has provided. I will definitely continue reflecting on the themes mentioned. Dua again for the insight, htp,

Shems Yashi

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