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Good reflections.

The idea of a creation in modern culture and non-mystic
understanding is of creation as being something real, something that has been
brought into existence as a real object. In Neterian Mysteries of the TTOAset
the creations are to be understood as projections, somewhat like a movie light
that projects an image on to a screen and it so happens that the screen is an
aspect of the same consciousness that created the images in the first place.
Also, furthermore, the same screen is also the conscious awareness with which
individual souls become aware of the objects. So the conscious awareness is the
screen upon which the idea of images, the creations, the Kheperu are projected.
Therefore, Creation is not an abiding reality but rather a witnessing of projections
by conscious awareness itself.

As you said: “It can sometimes feel as if we are losing apart of ourselves, and we are.”
For those who are identified with the illusory creation, as those creations go
away those who are identified with the illusion will feel as if losing
themselves and that can be fearful and even painful for them.

For those who become aware of the illusoriness and shift
their identification from delusion, the creations, to the consciousness that is
aware of it, then for them there is no loss as there has been an awakening from
the delusion that people experience but the delusion is not rightfully
recognized as what it ever always was, expressions of one’s own consciousness.
And at that, expressions of this time and place among virtually infinite
possibilities that have ever come in the past and would in the future. Yet, the
virtually infinite possibilities are nothing competed to the actually eternal
consciousness that is the Ra who is you.


Very well