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Indeed, compared to the rampant corruptions of today’s culture politics and economics schools food systems medical etc. Ancient Egypt was a paradise.

However, it is still an illusion as it is the past as is the present and of course also the future. The present is an opportunity to express the teaching so that includes being ethical at work in relationships at school etc.

If one trying to be Maatian finds their work or life in the midst of anti-Maat then the task is to transform from negative to positive in a gradual but deliberate process.Try to find ethical people to work with and ethical environments and move towards that work to create a safety net and less dependency to have to fall back on and rely on like minded persons to cooperate for everyone’s benefit

Ancient Kemet was not a matriarchy but rather ethiocracy – government by priests and priestesses based on ethical standards (Maat) and advising royal representatives

Ancient Kemet was the first major society to achieve unparalleled and perhaps unrivaled balance between genders a model for ancient and modern worlds

Matriarchy may be considered as rule by queen or line of succession by mother those are different aspects to consider elsewhere.

One of the issues that made Kemet possible was the maatian balance of gender, producing balanced society and less conflict between genders leaving more clarity less drama for energy to pursue the higher perspectives of life i.e. Shetaut Neter and Nehast (Egyptian mysteries and enlightenment) less conflict, less stress and less delusion.
A balanced society out of which it is more possible to get balanced law, balanced care for the other and balanced mental conditions that can produce more sanity instead of agitated insane society

The special order of nature experiences in North East Africa was and in some way still is compelling but especially the capacity of the Nile to produce food reliably allowed people to not live as “miserable asiatics” as people are today due to not being in balance.


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