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Lesson 8
List the main teachings in the video
Sebai begins the lesson with highlights from previous verses. Some of the key highlighted were the following:
The scriptures of Aset and Ra, about a dual divinity, is called the “REAL DEAL”. The scriptures on the temple walls, for example, have their place in leading one to develop khak-ab but these and other special scriptures included in the PMH contain deeper mysteries through philosophy, myth, metaphysics, mysticism.
The tjest, tying of all things together with the breath of life, words of power, fire of life in the right arrangement bonds all creation together.
Love and hate, Attraction and repulsion cause vibrations in the heart causing opacities and reincarnation. Dispassion and detachment help to still the agitations in the mind.
During the last 10 minutes of the day what is being seen is not Ra in its fullness but a refraction from the already set sun. Further, anything in creation can be weakened and attacked at any time including the illusory self Whenever this happens it is called Ra Tem.
Ra admits he is a prince, not the supreme being.

Ra Tem was out for a walk in a stealthy ( hidden, secretive, sly) manner just trying to take an inconspicuous walk through creation and was bitten by an unknown fire. Ra begins to burn with this strange fire and vibrate and tremble like a child gripped by fear.
Mythically Ra is terrified and trembling.
Metaphysically creation is being shattered by the culmination of the teachings kneaded into the taffy shepsy which is vibrating in song at a certain pitch like the wind connecting with the pattern within creation in order to shatter it. Kneading the taffy shepsy was preceded by letting go, relinquishing all notions of gender and becoming androgynous, righteous and true of speech.

Ra calls on the gods and goddesses who have knowledge of beneficial and healing words of power and well intentions with good will towards him, their Lord. They all arrived crying to see Ra including Aset who was not crying, however.
Aset who is also a servant of Ra had words of power in her mouth, in her speech, in the form of the breath of life. She had power, wisdom, in her speech. She created the taffy shepsy and was able to speak/sing with a certain vibration. Since she was the author of this creation only she will be able to undo its poison. Only she can unpoison Ra. Her words of power cause life to be restored to the unstable. It dispels mucus clogging the throat that prevents proper breathing, preventing true speech. It is implied that true speech is when one has the freedom to breathe, indicative of life beyond the physical.

Aset expresses concern for her lord, asking, “What happened?” and suggesting that a snake bit him. All along she is the snake that bit and poisoned him. It was her one-pointed focus of the life force energy, notably the breath of life, that reared up in defiance and bit Ra. Aset being ready and provisioned cunningly reassured Ra that she has the restorative, curative words of power to remove the poison. Aset was defiant against her own creator/lord as we are to be as aspirants any substitute/illusion/face man until the truth is revealed. I noted that Aset did not lie to Ra, instead she was clever and seductive…wisdom in action. Wisdom worked its magic on creation putting a spell on it without even being suspected, its execution was very subtle yet powerful and effective.

Creation comes into being by a particular arrangement of words of power and life force energy that vibrates out of the Nun and appearing to be separate yet is the same Nun hidden within the fluctuation. This taffy shepsy that is created also is kept hidden from creation while it connects with its every move watching and waiting to strike. In this process, the ego must be sublimated. The subtly in play must be purposeful and pure and clear without the distraction and contamination of ego.