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Lesson 7
What teaching(s) did you learn in this lesson do you need to reflect on more or start to apply or work diligently on implementing on your personality, mentally, emotionally, metaphysically, or otherwise to emulate human Lady Aset on her path?

Dua for your reflection Bastu Baket in this post # 7030. “ Father mine, mother mine hidden it in body mone” and contextually translated as “it was spoken by my father and mother, my name and it was hidden in my constitution, my very being itself” and your highlight of the glyph of Amun.

I saw a continuation in the teachings in the Asarian Resurrection series from African Religion Vol 4: Asarian Theology vs 64-66 where Djehuty begins to teach Heru along with Aset the about the nature of creation. These teachings were preparing him for the eventual battle for the throne which would elevate him from prince likened to creation to king beyond creation. Those scriptures read:

64 “Thus, O my son Heru, Djehuti brought the teachings of wisdom which were given to him by the God of All, and they are hidden in nature until the time when those who are ready to seek for their essential nature, those with true aspiration, seek with honesty and reverence.”

66 “In the beginning, there was just matter which had been emitted by God, devoid of that special essence which is called life. The Great God looked upon the world, but He, no longer willing that the world above should be inert, but thinking good to fill it full of breaths (living spirits), so that its parts should not remain immobile and inert, He thus began on these with use of holy arts as proper for the bringing forth of His own special work.”

67 “For taking breath from His own Breath and blending this with knowing Fire-consciousness, He mingled them with certain other substances which have no power to know; and having made the two together, with certain hidden words of power, He thus set all the mixture going thoroughly, until out of the compost smiled a substance, as it were, far subtler, purer far, and more translucent than the things from which it came; it was so clear that no one but The Artist could detect it.”

You went on further to write, “Aset is showing us the way to that discovery but it is up to us to activate the desire, intensity, and endurance that she exampled for us to access the same goal.”

Activation the desire would mean to me Heru is at this point born or in the TOA Lady Aset has reached a sufficient level of khak-ab. Accepting this is the case, what I need to reflect more on and work more diligently on my personality is the intensity and endurance and endurance with the intensity. Meaning endurance does not mean to stay with the shetaut neter group for a long time or to do shedy practice for years and years. Likewise, the intensity does not mean to do an extreme/mind-blowing( literally) practice ever so often. Rather for me, it means to intensify my practice and to maintain the intensity and increase it even over time despite the distractions and illusions that is the world.
I sometimes forget to remember to intensify my practice in informal settings as well esp at work. Reflecting on what is hidden, Amun more intently is an area I need to work more in.