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Most important themes in lesson 2 were the education system and how it was organized. the different kingdom periods pre-dynastic, old, middle, new and late. I also noted that there was a council of priests and priestesses who helped the matriarchy govern the country and the temples as well. also discussed was the invasions by different countries which caused several issues in the civilization.


I thought that the governing of the entire country by the 42 precepts of Maat important because that leads to a healthy civilization and not a police state.
also the giving food, shelter and opportunity to everyone in the country was wonderful as well as equal rights to women as well as men which makes me wish I lived in Kemet in ancient times.

Q: I am a new realtor in Detroit and I can already see that it can be a “cutthroat” business and the more I study kemetic culture the more I question my current occupation. but I really don’t have anything else to fall back on . so is there a way for me to bring Maat to my business or should I find something else?