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Maat Middleton

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 Lesson 16 Interaction Video Assignment
Sebai Maa Reply #6636 to Shems Akhu #6557

Sebai Maa reply that we should be conscious of not becoming obsessed with the idea of physical health, although it is necessary to advance on a spiritual path and to maintain health, to make this an obsession would cause obstructions. Health should be a pursuit of diligence as a means to an end, which being the capacity to have an instrument (soul, body, mind) that is capable of perceiving higher consciousness.

The instrument needs to be in balance, calibrated and constructed with proper materials (vitamins, minerals and low stress) to constitute an instrument, which is the self, to be able to stand the rigors of life and still perform about the call of duty.

The self needs to be provisioned with sufficient and qualitative fuels for the body, mind and soul that will support the function and required specifications and thereby allow the user to do the proper research required to achieve the purpose of the work to become enlighten.

“If you would preserve understanding and health to old age, avoid the allurements of voluptuousness, and fly from its temptations… It’s so true that we have to be watchful and careful about sensual pleasures and all its forms. I am focusing on not cooking my foods with salt and to add more uncooked foods (greenery) to my diet for more balance, purity and focus.

For if thou hearken unto the words of the Adversary, thou art deceived and betrayed…I realize that I am becoming more able to fight off negative thoughts and emotions by being watchful, discerning and considerate of what is causing such thoughts to appear and how to remain calm long enough to come up with the best solution “vs” allowing the idea’s that comes from the senses and thinking I am doomed and there is no way to harmonize my situation with a peaceful state of mind.

The joy which it promises change to madness, and its enjoyments lead on to diseases and death.” So as I come to understand a bit more of the teachings and how health works for us, I find it’s best to live within and follow the teachings so that we will be able to overcome the senses and maintain a balanced consciousness to resolved and adjust to things with proper actions. The fuel that we get our energy from will either support us with positive vital energy or harmful dullness of energy.

Hotep di si neter iri mettu Wadj- an offering is given so that the divine may do greening of the mettu (vascular system). Our health choices are a part of our daily union with the divine and the more we follow the teachings of the ancient sages, the better the state of health we will maintain. Harmony with the divine is the greatest desire to be had and achieve in life.