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Maat Middleton

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 Lesson 16 Video Assignment
Kemetic Diet Class Part 1– 2 and 3

2- List the important themes presented

As advanced as Western culture is said or thought to be it’s a wonder why there is so much disease going around. We are moving back to alternative medicine.

We can practice the art of meditation, which serves to allow one to cleanse the unconscious mind, also the practice of Neterianism which means a vegetarian diet and abstaining from pork, poultry and chicken.

These disciplines which are considered Eastern practices was also practice by ancient Kemet. These practices was not only practice for health but was also practice for spiritual enlightenment.

A person with a damage body could be healthier than a person who is whole. True health is a person closer to God. Spiritual consciousness is true Health.

We are energy beings, too much eternity you’re moving into transcendal existence that leaves the body behind. There are people who get so much into the physical body and ego consciousness that they forsake divine existence.

Certain foods cause the body to become as civic, then you begin to have impurities in the body. These impurities will lock into the body and create illness.

As civic foods are agitating and those foods leads your mind to anger, dullness, greed, frustrations, lust and negatives. Alkaline thoughts leads your mind to harmony, relaxation and peace to virtuous thoughts.

We are not always going to have harmony with people be they righteous or unrighteous. You can’t really learn anything from unrighteous people then to accept to be what they are.

Kemetic Diet Part 2

The Kemetic teachings come from the land of Kemet. The land located in the North Eastern corner of the continent of Africa. The first civilization in history begun by the people who migrated there from the south the heart of Africa Nubia and Ethiopia.

Kemet gave rise to the world philosophy.

The three major world religions are Jewish, Islamic, and Christianity. They base themselves in a tradition that is base in Kemet.

No Culture has surpass Kemet.

If you are practicing Kemetic culture you must learn how to be rootless with it, meaning to be rootless with your righteousness. We must also promote the highest degree of health otherwise we will not be able to uphold the teaching and the living of truth.

We must maintain a vegetarian diet and not use alcohol or wine. We must live a life of greenery, on energy. We are beings of life and therefore we live on the life force of the food and the teachings. Greenery is Asar, the fruits, vegetables and mettu vascular foods.
The body operates on balancing the opposite of acidity and alkaline. Too much acidity is poison and will cause you to have disease.

Cooked foods can clog your astral body.
We must control attachment and hatred. You’re mental state cause’s reactions in the physical body, so to eat pure foods and have pure thoughts.

Sebai Maa has written high philosophy books to teach us and for us to learn the practices and to cleanse our mind, body and soul.

Kemetic Diet Class Part 3

Eating when you are hungry and not habit is the correct way. Your mental foods have to be green also, this has to do with your thoughts also.

The teachings was about one disease that causes all sickness and one food needed to stay well and that’s greenery.

People use music in modern time to take them away from themselves, in ancient times music was never used that way.

The only true relief from stress is spiritual enlightenment or a life that leads to it.
Whatever your mind is your body will become also.

People need three things shelter, food and opportunity to be successful.

3- Explain what impressed me most in this presentation

Transcending from meat eating and negative things means you should stop eating meat all together. There is no need for eating meat. The general population should be on an 80% raw foods diets. Fasting gives the body time to cleanse itself.

I am also impressed by how the health teachings of the ancient Egyptian sages are everlasting truths. What they taught regarding the vascular system staying cleansed and unclogged is still of great importance in this day and time as well. They discovered natural healing for the body and didn’t use artificial healing solutions like they do in today’s time.

I am also impressed by the fact that we have 3 bodies a soul (Ba), a mental (Ka) and a physical body (Khat) and we are to be aware of each of them and keep them purified so to be able to attain higher spiritual enlightenment.