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Maat Middleton

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 Lesson 16 Audio Assignment
102AA Introduction to Kemetic Diet Track 1.mp3

1- What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words

***The Key to health is in cleansing the mind, body, spirit and soul.

Sebai Maa and Seba Dja will be teachings us on matters and discipline for taking care of our health with knowledge and wisdom of what foods are best for the brain, body, spirit and soul from the Kemetic Diet Book.

If we make offerings to the divine, then the divine will make our vascular system flourish.
The Key to health is to keep cleanse the vascular system and to eat the foods that will keep it from getting clogged.

We are more than physical bodies. The ancient sages taught of how to take care of the physical body (Khat) and the mental soul body (Ba) and how all of these bodies need to be taken care of in order to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

There is one simple problem that concerns the health and keeping healthy.

The ancient sages discovered that the key to health is to keep ones vascular system from being clogged, because if it should become clogged for any reason one would experience ill health. The ancient Egyptians discovered healthy living and this is what we call the Kemetic Diet.
Seba Dja and Sebai Maa discuss the main principles of a Kemetic Diet, the practice of spiritual enlightenment and the tradition of spirituality.

You can’t have success in anything without health, so your primal essence has to have health.
We have to have health of the mental body, physical body and health of the soul. The true state of health lays in the spirit and enlightenment.

The project of ascending to good health is something that is beyond modern culture.

These are disciplines that lead to the mind purity and disciplines that leads to the soul purity.

We have a soul body (Ba) and a mental body that’s called the Ka, a physical body called the Khat and these bodies must be purified in order to be able to attain higher spiritual enlightenment.

The Sages discovered that there is one central problem that leads to ill health. The Kemetic doctors who were the first doctors of this culture in history discovered that if the vascular system, the heart, the digestive system and of these systems that need to have flowing freely energy of fluids became blocked or clogged this would cause mucus which creates sickness for the body, mind or soul.

Ankh means life, that which produces life.

Meat, cigarettes and thing of this nature all causes obstructions to the process of life and living.

Not eating properly causes disease. In modern times we seem to have forgotten the ancient ways or have never been taught them.

In this modern day people are coming to the point of knowing that the doctors are not as knowing as we thought them to be. We are beginning to understand how we been relying on artificial healing solutions that medical science has been production to resolve our health issues. We have been believing that we can live in toxic environments and eat toxic foods, think toxic thoughts, have toxic feelings and just take pills and go on our way and everything is going to be fine, which is foolish.

There has been so many celebrities’ that take drugs, commit suicide and things that must come to an end.

We can’t continue to mass the modern traditions and be so bent on getting out bodies cut up and eating things that are killing us. We know that antibiotics are not going to be affective in the future. We are finding out that antibiotics are useless and we need to come back to the roots.

Nature has prepared the remedy for us, so why are we paying the drug culture?
We realize ourselves that doctors are also a part of the sick culture and population, doctors smoking, eating meat and other unhealthy things. We should be vibrant and healthy until our last breathe, and not be regretful in life, anything other than that you have taken it on for yourself.
When you purify yourself you won’t need drugs and the bacteria will not affect you, your health will not be broken down.

A vegetarian diet is better for us. In ancient time those people who were a part of spiritual culture did not each meat, drink alcohol. In ancient time the quality of meat was not as toxic as the meat today. We should not eat meat of any kind or fish and poultry.
Spiritually speaking meat is very grounding and doesn’t allow you to be in touch with spiritual energies.
The human body is not made to eat meat. The human body will wear down if you keep putting toxic foods and substances in it.

The length of our intestines is very short and when a human being eats meats it ferments and rots in the intestines, then block the vessels in the body causing the body to become sick and stop the energies from flowing. Meat causes fat in the body, the meat has been killed, slaughtered, the meat is fried and all together meat is not proper for your body. All the hormones in the animal that’s also toxic becomes a part of your body when you eat meat, plus the diseases the animal has and the trauma of the animal becomes a part of you.

2- Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the book and the lecture? If so which one (s)?

Ny (Yes) I make offering to the divine daily with prayer and chanting for the divine to make my vascular system flourish. I am a vegetarian and I intend to study, reflect and learn more about the 3 bodies that we process brought to my attention while listening to this audio lecture introduction and reading Sebai Maa books.

I have also stop the use of alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana.