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The kemetic diet will be challenging for me, but I am ready to tackle the obstacles. For example, the greens in my local supermarket have an awkward taste, so I purchase the organic frozen greens in the freezer and I blend that up with fruits. Also, to strictly be on raw fruits and vegetables, I have to test that out again because I remember having zero energy last time. Eliminating my rice, bread, wraps, etc. I’ll miss it and I’m going to need to work on my mental state to get rid of loving my rice and beans. It was interesting when Dr. Muata Ashby was talking about “mental food” because I had my pen in my hand ready to write down all the green vegetables and fruits that I would need to buy. Instead he was talking about “thoughts” that go into the mind. Many things in the lecture caught my attention, the most profound one to me was when Dr. Muata Ashby said that when you eat the green you are also eating violet, blue etc and than black (Asar). I never heard that before; When I meditate on that, it makes sense. Lastly, I need to get some supplements to assist me as an addition to eating raw foods.