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Asar Maat E

This post is submitted by Asar Maat in relation to the letter of complaint submitted.

In reading the letter of complaint submitted by an aspirant to Sebai Maa and Seba Dja my first reflection and feeling was in relation to the aspirant’s hesitancy to bring the “nagging thoughts” to the preceptors. This stance and demeanor has at times in the past been my own orientation where although an issue to be raised seemed important to me I would be hesitant to bring it forth. Over time as I have allowed myself in recent years to come closer to the preceptors my demeanor has changed to where I do not choose to let ariu of self-doubt get in the way of offering what may be helpful information or feedback to the preceptors.

With regard to the specific issue of Seba Dja being “accosted by an aspirant and talked to with harsh tones of speech…”. I did not see the incident occur but saw Seba Dja immediately after it occurred and was aware of the interaction. My reaction at the time was shock and great concern over how these actions could occur and be at all acceptable. My words to Seba Dja were how this was unacceptable and disappointment for her experiencing the event. At the time I observed that the aspirant sharing the words seemed outwardly “okay” after the encounter and later laughing and engaging with others, but. I could not help, but feel some compassion for the dynamic that she may be personally contending with serious ariu that would allow what happened to occur I also felt great concern for the Hemu in relationship with her and present at the encounter, but have kept some distance since I had not too long ago experienced an adverse interaction with the aspirant who was using the harsh tones. In addition, to feeling compassion, my thoughts were also that the Hemu need to have some form of accountability and that we need to find a way as a leadership community to discuss this issue. Up until reading the aspirants letter my personality has felt stuck in terms of addressing the situation and also accepting of leaving it where it is and seeing what happens. At this time I would like to know how the Hemu present were affected. I imagine that the harm done may still need some healing.

With regard to the issue of the Hemu doing independent programs and trips, my first reaction was to reflect on my personality being implicated in these actions. Over the years while I spent less time closely involved with the Temple there are a host of independent programs I’ve done that reflect an extension of my profession as a psychologist and being an initiate. For the most part I have felt comfortable as they are independent, yet related to the teaching and working with individuals outside of the Temple community, however, in the last three years, it has become increasingly clear that bringing together my professional work and religious work is occurring. So last year in 2018 and in 2020 I have been involved with Sehu Khepera Ankh in coordinating trips to Kemet. At some point, I separately expressed interest to Sebai and Seba Dja that I would like to organize a trip for psychologists. With Sebai indicating that he would not be doing trips in the next year or so I felt impelled to take the opportunity to collaborate with Sehu. It was clear to me that I could not do such an endeavor independently. At one point early in our planning the issue about planning a trip separate from the Temple that the aspirant raises came up among Sehu and I. He explained to me that the 2018 trip was an extension of the Ancient Egyptian Medicine course and planned specifically for students in his course. My ego wanted other psychologists to partake in the experience and so I asked Sehu if we could invite guests and then invite a colleague and his partner. The trip was nefer and my personality returned wanting, even more, to do a trip for my fellow psychologists. Sehu soon after indicated that he would host another trip in 2020 to take the students in his Amt Dua course to Egypt. My ego wanted to seize the opportunity to bring psychologists along so I asked Sehu to consider opening the trip to the public so they could attend and so he could be able to perhaps make back costs and expenses for the trip. He agreed, with some hesitation, but we went forward and announced the 2020 trip amongst our respective email or facebook lists. After announcing the trip, learning of the potential of Seba Dja to plan a 2020 trip and learning of the aspirants concerns Sehu and I discussed this issue and decided to return to his original plan of inviting his current students and only specific individuals as invited guests. We decided not do any more broadcast promotion expect to those already informed. Emotionally, I felt responsible for my eagerness and impatience in wanting to spread the teachings to psychologists. The impatience was about knowing that Sebai and Seba Dja have not had the structure in place (we are moving in that direction) to vet and work with all of us around independent and collaborative projects and trips, and my wanting to try anyway. My personality had to realize that although expanding the teaching to psychologists who can use it to help others is a worthy endeavor, it was led more by Set based than Heru based aspirations. So I have used this feedback to help me be reflective and more accepting of putting my focus on continuing to improve and fortify my relationship and communication with Sebai Maa and Seba Dja to foster sufficient trust and reliability in me that we can “work together and support the main temple..” Having the Hemu course provides a mechanism for that to begin. At the same time my personality can see opportunity in having discussion around planning and coordination of events and actives that create sustainable projects for the Temple to thrive and be financially solvent and afford the aspirants the ability to spend more time on the teachings in ways that aid their financial security so they can give as much time as possible to the Temple and less time on other worldly activities. One observation is that we do independent projects to foster our own personal growth and enlightenment and to find ways to work in the teachings that are financially sustainable. Perhaps if the time comes where we focus on actions to come out of the feedback from this aspirant we can discuss those issues candidly as well. For example, the issue of creating disclosure statements would be potentially beneficial for the Temple and providing clarity for the community.
Dua Sebai Maa an Seba Dja.
Asar Maat E.