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Udja, this question is perhaps the most important one that a
spiritual aspirant needs to ask not just in the beginning but after time of
practice so as to make sure they are on the correct spiritual path:

After practicing
for many years and not becoming enlightened the recourse and aspirants should
take is

The Statement above gives more insight:

salad bar

An aspirant should think about the
proper recourse to make repeated efforts to study the teachings, listening,
reflection and meditating on the teachings and practicing them daily making
repeated efforts to do and add to your Shedy disciplines. The aspirant has to gain the proper
understanding of their worldly desires and seek to know if their desires are
directing their life and causes them to squander their life force. An aspirant
have to look into within to find out what their pleasure are seek and value,
the what type of company they are entertaining and spending their time with..

An aspirant needs to acknowledge if
they truly have dispassion towards the pursuit of worldly desire. The aspirant
needs to find out what type of practice and devotion they are concentrating
with on. They need to consider the things they have been or have not been doing
in the process of their spiritual development. They have to be truthful with
themselves. Are they given over to worldly desires or spiritual desires? Which
one of the practices hold more attention, time and actions your worldly goals
or spiritual goals can help them to gain the proper insight and understanding
of what they have to change for the betterment of their spiritual development
and changes for enlightenment.

If the practice and progress is stagnant, along with
redoubling efforts, certain reflections about the spiritual practice itself
need to be reflected upon honestly. There are possible issues impinging on the
spiritual practice such as practicing salad bar spirituality or not properly
listening reflecting and meditating on the teaching and also not applying the
teaching properly in day to day life.

In Pert-M-Heru Chapter 78 it is explained that the goal of the aspirant is
to become Heru, a victorious spiritual aspirant. In order for that to happen
there needs to be ethical purity and spending time at the temple receiving and
practicing the teachings. It does not say anything about going to temple and
then after living worldly lives. Saladbar spirituality is a made to order form
of spirituality created with personal desires for comforting religion and
teachings that do not challenge but rather comfort the egoistic ideals,
expectations and desires of the personality. So if the teacher says something
undesirable the person leaves that and selects other things that are
comfortable and some people pick and choose elements from different religious
traditions and then call that their own spiritual practice.

Authentic religion requires a competent (avid) aspirant, an authentic
teaching and vetted teacher to teach the teaching. Salad bar spirituality
precludes a true aspirant-teaching-teacher relationship and dynamic process. Rather
it is an ego preservation strategy whereby a person engages in a form of
spirituality that allows wittingly or unwittingly fool themselves into
believing they are being authentic aspirants while supporting egoistic thoughts
and feelings and beliefs. Therefore, the things an aspirant needs to “think
about” and “acknowledge” are to be pursued with honesty, self-reflection, and self-effacement
rather than with egoistic individual self-deluding autonomy.

Very well