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A good general post on the points conveyed in the

Additionally, you made several key statements:

“I am making repeated efforts
to practice the teaching by studying, listening, reflecting and meditating
every day possible for me and I am eating a vegetarian diet and cleansing
myself from eating junk foods too.

I am also working daily to cleanse my thoughts, actions and deeds by
practicing the Shedy disciplines and reflecting on the teachings and using my
meditations in order to shake the clouds of error from my soul and sight the brilliancy of truth.

I am taking the
responsibility of purifying my mind, body, spirit and connect with my soul by
becoming a Neterian and practicing the Shetaut Neter Ancient Egyptian Religion.”


The keywords in the above are “repeated”, “clouds of error”
and “taking responsibility.”

Indeed these are strong ingredients for the practice of avid
spiritual aspiration. The ability to face truth and repeatedly so, asserting
truth in the face of challenges doe to lifetimes of aryu pushing the other way,
away from facing truth; that is high aspiration on an order that reflects Heru
Behudet, the aspect of Horus that does battle with and wins the struggle
against Set. Those who do not succeed on that quest are unable to take
responsibility as there is a part of personality desiring to hold on to ego and
desires. For them the clouds of error become veils of illusion to maintain the
world they have created that comforts the senses but more importantly comforts
the delusions of identity and human creature comforts of life the way there is
pleasure and the supposed security of the status quo, the believing that the
world is abiding  and there is somewhere
in the world a condition and or place where all can be as desired or as the ego
feels comforted and sustained.

Continue reflecting on these issues and allow the spiritual
practice to go on with informed faith, vetted teaching and competent