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The God Set defending the Boat of Ra against Apep


One question above had no answer:

Question: Choose an icon according
to your spiritual inclination.

The icons that a person gravitates toward usually have some
resonance with the content of unconscious impressions leading to a persons
predilections. Therefore choosing involves recognizing the tendencies and inclinations,
what resonates with the heart. And then use that as an amulet and focus to help
the spiritual practice along.


You want to be cleansed when you
enter the temple physically, your mouth and speech and your mind purified. Not
uttering harsh words to anyone or harboring envy or any worldly vibrations and
ignorant impressions caused by negative thoughts, actions or emotions. You want
your hygiene to be pure and clean of your body, speech and mind. You will not
harbor negative thoughts of anger, hatred, greed, lust, jealousy, envy and so
forth. You will be silent rather than talkative, introverted rather than
extroverted and dedicated and meditative. Being devoted to the chanting, divine
singing with devotion in your worship to the divine with divine love. You will
have no had sex before entering the temple or had done any meat eating. You
will leave all worldly possession at the door. You will be respectable to the
Sehu, Seba and other initiates. You will be respectable to your Shedy group.
You will be open to receiving the spiritual teachings and be constantly devoted
to the divine in a balance orderly way, to allow the Udja, the divine fire
within you to grow in a smooth and study way.

Indeed, see my post #18607
where I talked about the ideal to be followed. These are definitely the
objectives for the optimal manner in which to approach and enter the temple
environment. Take heart that if these ideals are not 100% met the effort
towards that is not lost nor will it be inconsequential. The important thing is
not to discount this fact as doing so can indeed negate the positive aryu
gained from even a partial effort.

Very good