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You have picked up on some important keys to the successful
spiritual practice. The following statements are of paramount importance at
this stage:

“He (Sebai MAA) taught
about what one has to do to become advanced students of the teachings.

The mind has to be
consistently turned to the divine at all time in order for you to be successful
in the spiritual practice.

Sebai Maa went over
the relationship between the initiates, as to how they are to act among each
other and behave inside the temple. He spoke on the proper way to have
relationship with each other inside the temple to learn and gain an eternal
detachment from the world in a balance way. The initiates have to get cleansed
of all anger, hatred, greed, guilt, jealousy and etc. (fetters of Set).

I am also learning not to be hard on myself when in any day I am not able to complete any part
of my Shedy practices.:


Giving the teachings is like giving an ideal and most people
cannot live up to ideals. Therefore they try to “do the best they can” thinking
“I am only human”. However, that statement and that way of looking at failure will
not lead to success if it becomes an excuse and a mainstay of looking at life
and a perennial perspective for the spiritual practice going forward.

Why, because a human being is potentially and really,
actually, a spiritual being that can rise above all obstacles except when the
mind is trained and or convinced otherwise due to social conditioning, egoistic
desires predominating in the unconscious and a predilection for continued
worldly life.

To combat the negative predilections the mind is to be
turned towards the divine even when there are failures and eventually leading
to cleansing of the unconscious and liberating of positive will.

An integral aspect of Shedy lifestyle is interacting with
other aspirants. Man times it is recognized that some aspirants are more
advanced than others and sometimes even advancing aspirants have issues that
come up every so often that cause egoistic behaviors and strain relations even
in spiritual settings. Therefore, a wise aspirant should not rely on external
manifestations from others as a basis for determining their own level of
evolution or the legitimacy of the teaching, thinking that the teaching should
lead to a utopia on earth etc. earth is a school and a proving ground for souls
to practice and lead themselves to spiritual achievement. However, earth realm
remains illusory and demanding perfection on earth is like demanding that a
mirage become permanent and abiding.

Therefore, again, being hard on oneself due to actions or
events from or in an illusory world of time and space is irrational and to be
recognized as such by an advancing aspirant. This recognition may not end the
egoistic feelings and involvements right away but paves the way for cleansing
of aryu and permanent change in unconscious and therefore conscious awareness
and actions related to time and space leading to spiritual success.