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Sebai Maa asked Hemu and Hemu in training to address a letter that an aspirant had written regarding some concerns and observations that they experienced at the conference. I apologize in advance for such a lengthy post but this letter brought back memories of how much I had to overcome to get where I am today. Furthermore, the reflection gives me an opportunity to review the stages of life and mental challenges that had to be overcome for me gain some mental clarity. This is only a quick overview. I think that this kind of reflection helps to facilitate the feeling/emotion aspect of the personality so that I have some empathy for the writer.

Integral Studies Assignment

Discussion Forum
1. The way Seba Dja was treated by a person attending the conference (Seba Dja was treated rudely).
2. Why are people from the Neterian Community doing program outside of Sema Institute.

Red Indicates student’s letter entry
Black represents Asar Djehuti – Mes

Student -I have had these nagging thoughts in my mind and was debating whether or not to tell you about it because I did not know if it was so important but I am discussing with you so I can get it off my chest since it bothers me and I do not want you or the Temple of Shetaut Neter community to be hurt by what I experienced. So, I hope you will excuse me if I am out of line.

Reflection – I can remember the state of mind that I was in when I was looking for the answers to who I am and what was my purpose in life. At the time, knowing what I know now, I would say that I had a dull personality and even though I was able to maintain employment and perform well enough to be singled out for leadership positions on every job my mind was always racing and I had difficulty controlling emotions/feelings in confrontational or verbal disagreements. I had a type A personality. I would go from 0 to 600 in less than 60 seconds. In other words, getting something off of my chest was like unleashing a wild animal (Hetheru without Djehuti). It put the fear of God in most folks. Thereafter they did not want to have anything to do with me. I have also heard mumblings of some people saying that they don’t have respect for me because of my verbal assaults and/or their other beliefs about me. This became a concern for me starting in my mid to early 20’s because I lost some good friends or at least good people because of my difficulty with controlling my emotions/ feeling.

As a result, I started reading books on health and nutrition. The author of the book had remedies for all of my aliments at the time. The books called for me to remove meat and dairy from my diet. It also called me to practice yoga and meditation. Well now I thought, what does meditation and yoga have to do with me clearing up my crazy tendencies. Moreover, why do I have to give up meat. The answers were in the book but once I read that I had to stop eating meat I placed that book on the shelf of my book case and allowed it to gather dust and went off to find answers in another book. Maybe answers that allowed me to continue to satisfy the desires of the lower nature. So off I went to read more books. I found a book by Queen Afua called Heal Thyself and read it. The answers were same as the other book with one exception and that was that Queen Afua mentioned something about the Meter Neter. As a result, I went looking for the Meter Neter and I did not know how to find it.

As time went on I was introduced to the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization ASCAC society by one of my military friends. Asa Hilliard presented information regarding what black people should study in order to gain self-reliance and cultural independence. Most of the items that he mentioned I had accomplished or was in the process of completing. However, his final recommendation was that all black people should study the Meter Neter. Here we go again I thought. I searched the black book stores and found a book called the Meter Neter. I read it but couldn’t understand anything except for the step by step method given for meditation. I called New York and attempted to meet the author. I went to Philly and New York looking for personal assistance from the author with how to change myself into a better person. However, I had no luck with meeting the author nonetheless I was able to practice meditation. I settled for that for a year or so and worked on removing meat from my diet and fasting based on the Queen Afua method. At some point, I went back to looking for more information on how to practice the Meter Neter. I remember going to a book store in Salisbury Maryland after getting off my teaching job. I went to the book store and I saw Meter Neter II and Egyptian Yoga Volume 1 side by side on the book rack and I was like wow I would like both of those books but on a teacher’s salary, working part time and serving in the National Guard part time I did not have a lot of expendable income so I couldn’t purchase both. Therefore, I chose the Egyptian Yoga. I read the book and immediately thought this book encompasses all the recommendations for several books that I was reading and answered all my questions about my purpose in life. Once I read the book I was determined to find Dr. Reginald Ashby (Sebai Maa). I called the number in the back of the book until I got an answer. I did not know what to ask and my ignorant speech appeared to be interfering with our communication because I felt like I was agitating Sebai Maa.

My point is that I was very dull but I knew that the information given in the book sounded like truth. Therefore, I asked about programs of study and at the time he offered classes at Florida International and he was teaching classes out of his home. There were all kinds of things to complain about but I was determined to learn how to better myself and did not care about anything else. I maintained myself as best as I could in conference situations. However, I was functioning in a very degraded state of mind. Conversely, I hung in there. I think over time the aspirant who wrote this letter will practice and grow to understand that certain expectations are idealistic and focus on the teachings and/or they will become the change agent that he or she is looking for out of the Hemu group. If not they may become frustrated and leave the teachings for a while if their expectations are not met. Ultimately, they may leave indefinitely for one reason or another. The students letter exhibits humility for the teacher and the teachings. However, it appears that they have a personal viewpoint or expectation that is directly related to where they are mentally with no insight to what’s really going on behind the scenes.

Student- During the last conference I witness that Seba Dja was accosted by an aspirant and talked to with harsh tones of speech and wondered if the unut who knew this person communicated with the person to discuss the issue or the appropriateness of that interaction? For myself and others who might have been around that seemed out of place and inappropriate and disturbing.

Reflection- I have witnessed this type of disrespect happen during conversations on whatsapp. I remember several Unut / Hemu trying to redirect the person. I also called the person and explained that I felt like he was inappropriate and why. I used a technique called motivational interviewing to converse with him. The communication was received without further incident. In further reflection, I have refrained from saying or doing anything in the teaching sessions that would degrade the experience for myself and others. Moreover, I don’t engage in asking questions that drift away from the subject matter of the discourse. However, if someone is out of line I feel comfortable with asking them to excuse themselves. Additionally, I am comfortable with having a counseling session/conversation with them if need be. I think that I can do that without disrupting the flow of the meeting. I understand now that the unpurified ego can rationalize anything. So, if I am not for whatever reason able to be patient, respectful or Maatian I will allow someone else to intervene. There are some personality types that I struggle with so I have to be careful with how I interact until I mature more in the emotional/feeling aspect of my personality. I also believe that I should remember how much time it took me to display some noticeable progress gained from practicing the Shetaut Neter. In a deeper reflection, my questions are “During Ancient times how did the Priest and Priestess engage in conversations with the aspirants in times of conflict or disagreement?”

Student – There is another issue that I have been thinking about for some time and I would like to share. I have heard you speak in the past of developing the organization of Shetaut Neter practitioners. I am not in the hemu group but I find it weird that I see members of the hemu group doing independent programs and trips without going with you or Seba Dja? I don’t understand how the temple is to grow if everyone is doing their own things? Shouldn’t everyone work together and support the main temple to build a strong temple for us all by supporting your efforts so we can get more kemet university programs and trips with you? Whenever I attend class or conference especially in the last years I realize how much there is more to go over of past teachings but also how much more there is in the teaching and would like you to be facilitated to give more.
There, I got it off my chest, I know you are busy and I hope this does not burden you or Seba Dja. I only wanted to help the temple so I ask forgiveness if I am out of place

Reflection – I can remember when Sebai Maa revealed his vision many years ago for the Sema Institute. He designed course work along with developmental titles with hierological positions for aspirants who displayed dedication to learn more advanced teachings. I was there and was one of the founders of the Sheti Group. At that time, all the funding came to Delaware to pay for venues. We planned the events for Sebai Maa. Some of the group discussions where heated, well at least I was heated, at times. Since we were all aspirants, unpurified egos interfered with us agreeing on anything in a timely fashion. However, we always worked through the process and got the conferences scheduled. I remembered plans to relocate in Opps Alabama or Okeechobee Florida. Based on the aspirant’s questions it appears that this person is not aware of how much Sema Institute has grown over the years. When I first started it was a male dominated group. Now there are men women and children participating.

Most of the Hemu at least from my point of view are partly responsible for that growth and they disseminate the teachings. Deeper reflection for me entails answering questions like –How do we balance facilitating our individual groups with advancing ourselves spiritually? Is there a possibility that facilitating groups can lead one to believing that they are advanced even though they are not practicing the teaching in an integral fashion or with greater intensity? Is it possible that facilitating groups may cause Hemu to drift away from practicing appropriately and ultimately thwart their spiritual growth? Next, I am not sure or have any opinion regarding scheduling separate group trips because I was always under the impression that Sebai Maa and Seba Dja was aware of the trips. Moreover, I have sat in some of the Hemu classes and found them in line with the teachings and in some cases more advanced then I can comprehend at this junction of my spiritual journey.

Lastly, my reflection on collective group cooperation or Hemu independent interactions is that sometimes it’s going to be difficult to have individual social interactions for numerous reasons. First, we all live in different areas. Secondly, aside from working collectively to promote conferences or events centered around conference activities there is very little emphasis on Hemu working together to promote our own growth and development outside of supervised meetings and if it is I have not experienced it. Thirdly, we are all navigating the complexes of life in order to manage the practical aspects of our lives like maintaining food, shelter relationships and entanglements etc. We are of different ages and ethnic backgrounds. We are of different economic and education backgrounds and my belief is that it affects our personal interactions with one another. Although we have been given insight to some of the challenges that we face living in America and the world with global warming, increased racial violence and other degrading events, we have not developed a sustainably viable way to survive collectively while at the same time grow spirituality. At one time, the recommendation was to move out of the country. I have heard things like we are too complacent to follow through. However, my opinion is that we don’t have a sustainable way to live/survive collectively. My final thought on working together is, How did the ancient Egyptians build a cohesive system that supported the aspirants and clergy in such a way that they developed a sustainable viable way to survive collectively while simultaneously grow spirituality?

Dua Dr. Sebai Maa Ashby and Dr. Seba Dja Ashby
Dr. Alexander Djehuti – Mes Moore