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Maat Middleton

Level 1 Lesson 15 Interaction Assignment

Sebai Maa Reply #6676 in Response to #6662 Lindsey Hunnicutt

I experience good days and not so good days too. I find my greatest challenge comes when I have to accept the truth concerning my adult children and my family members. When situations arises concerning them I have to let my intellect repeat the same truth and eventually my unconscious (aryu) drops the old ways of acting and viewing my relationship with them and I am better able to accept the truth and give up the illusion that connect me to the old ways I once dealt with them. It’s all a part of me remaining in the illusionary world or accepting my own spiritual path or not and my understanding of how the aryu has created future emphasis in my unconscious that must be cleansed. Knowing that I must give up the old attachments and beliefs systems for truth I face the challenges that these situations brings to me. Not to say I don’t have love for them, I am just on a different level of existence and path from them and no longer wish to subject myself to their mistreatment,social norms and entertainments.

Discovering reality and having the courage and will to face reality are the greatest powers an aspirant has to overcome the illusion of time and space, just as Sebai Maa teaches us.

I am learning and have experienced that the secret to success are given by goddess Aset: Khack-ab (dispassion) and antet begag (continued pursuit without being discouraged no matter how uncomfortable it might seem at first or in any given moment, it’s the proper and correct thing to do to handle the situations. Stick to the truth and it will work with repeated effort and get you through the unwholesome experiences, I tell myself. So I find that when certain challenges and old conditioning come up, when I stand back and reason with my truths as a witness, I give myself the choice to choose to allow myself to detach and separate from the illusions, by holding still and not becoming too agitated so that I can live my truth. It’s a challenge to me and sometimes very strong emotions have to be subdued and I find myself being more conscious of what’s happening to me as I continue with the Shedy practices and study of the Maat philosophy.