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Maat Middleton

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 Lesson 15
Video Assignment
Intro to Shetaut Neter 104- 105 Part 3 & Part 4

Sebai Maa is teachings us about the Maat philosophy from a picture of one of the papyrus called the Book of the Dead or Coming Forth by Day.
After deaf there is a judgment, which is carried out with the balance scales, on one end and there is the Feather of Maat on one end, there is the heart. The heart is a vessel/container that contains your thoughts and feelings, your desires.

If the heart is heavy with worries, anxieties, with unrighteousness, with lies and desires, then it’s going to weight down the balance scales and Maat goes up and that means that this is an unrighteous soul.

There are 3 things that can happen as a result of the balance, one is that the balance scales can be even with Maat, or they can be uneven, a heart could be heavy, a heart could be lighter.

If the heart is heavier it means that you are an unrighteous person and you will suffer in the never world. When you have desire and unrighteousness in the heart you have nightmares. Nightmares are the source of your won doings that you have brought upon yourself.

If you are righteous and peaceful, you can’t have nightmares. You will not have mental disease either, you will not have insanity either. If the balance scales are even, it means that you are a good soul buy you’re not a perfect soul. So the decree is you are going to be a servant of Asar.

If the heart go up, it means your lighter than Maat and you actually sit in the Throne and become one with Asar.

Maat philosophy has a practical as well as a cosmic aspect.

Everyone in the world are supposed to have their basic needs met in a society where Maat rules, today’s societies are not ruled by the principles and philosophy of Maat.
Heru is the one who leads the initiate by the hand into the inner shrine to meet Asar. He has gone through the balance and has been judge to be righteous, there are 3 personalities in the shrine, one is a Priest and there will be 2 Priestess representing the divine trinity.
The righteous initiate is being anointed and he is becoming enlighten, by following the path of Maat.

How to become a Qualified Aspirant? By following the teachings of the Maat Philosophy is how the path is done.

Maat philosophy teaches that if you adopt a path of life that leads to truth you will discover peace and prosperity.

Maat philosophy teaches that you have a divine purpose. If you study the wisdom of the Neteru you will discover your purpose in life. If you become pure of heart and righteous you will discover God and immortality. You will succeed in life if you learn about Maat philosophy from your teacher and practice it every day.

When you commit an action the residue from that action stays in your unconscious and that creates future emphasis. If you create good deeds or evil deeds those memories are based in your unconscious even after deaf, this remain as an emphasis for future reincarnations. Also unrighteous actions cause agitation in your mind. With the agitation you can’t famine the teachings and this is why you need purity of heart.

The Great Truth number 3, Devotion and Freedom Uashu. Devotion is the path that leads us out of unrighteousness. Devotion to the teachings and the divine, that teaching must be studied. You can’t learn spiritual enlightenment without having a spiritual preceptor.

Shedy and MaaKheru: Shedy is the study of the spiritual teachings. Shedy means to penetrate the mysteries to uncover the mysteries.

The first aspect of Shedy is wisdom teachings and the Goddess of wisdom is Aset.

The term Shedd – To Dig – Excavate.

Shedt – To Suckle,

Shedy – To Study Profoundly – Penetrate the Mysteries.

Aset give Heru the nectar of the spiritual teachings that enriches the mind and the soul not just milk.

Sebai – Seba are spiritual teaching and the mouth is the penis that goes into the ears to fertilize the soil of the mind.

How the soul does comes together by means of 4 disciples in 3 steps. Listening, Reflections and Meditation, these are the 3 basic steps of the wisdom teachings process, Myth, Ritual and Metaphysics.

Once you have the teaching it’s time for Sedjm- Shedy to heed, then it’s time for Aru Shedy, then it’s time for Uaa Shedy – Meditation. Aru means to daily, annual or monthly, yearly ritual.

So we have the path of religion, Myth –Ritual- Mystical, Devotion, Action, Mediation and Wisdom.

We have the 3 stages: Aspiration, Striving and Established. The Shedy disciplines: Meditation, Devotion, Wisdom, Action, and Tantrum.

So you can look at it as a philosophical or spiritual path you are leading yourself the same.

Daily observance of the Shemsu, a follower of the tradition, the basic requirements that you must do daily, three times a day ( dawn- noon- dusk) Morning, Noon and Evening.

1. Bath
Light Candle
Light Incense
Recite 4 Great Truths
Chant daily Hekau,
Study of Scripture

Have your shrine set up or go to the community Temple.

The 3 aspects of Ra, Khepri, Ra and Tem. Morning, Noon and Dusk (evening).

The divine image is which universal divinity you chose for your personality and becoming a member.

Renput Aru, Annual Rituals. Winter Solstice, the birth of Heru and the Summer Solstice.

Aba Aru Monthly Rituals

They have the 4 Shedy discipline and a book for each one. The discipline of Wisdom (Aset) the discipline of Maat Philosophy. The discipline of the Devotion to the Divine and the discipline to Meditation.

In order for all this to work there must be purity of the body. So you must become a vegetarian. You can’t be drinking alcohol, you must have subtlety of intellect, so you have to purify your heart. If you have disease and worries, coughing all the time and cancer it’s not going to work. So we must strive for health. Health of the body, mind and soul. The Egyptian Yoga and Kemetic Diet books will help with health concerns. The health of the body, mind and soul goes into the unconscious mind also.

They have the Sunu Philosophy “The Kemetic Diet” System is Food for the soul, the body and the mind. We have Imhotep who is regarded as the creator of the Sunu Philosophy of Kemet and one of the first doctors. He was an architect, lawyer and philosopher. He is not a mummy as the Western movies betray him to be.

How to attain the higher vision, is the practice of meditation. There are 6 major forms of meditation that was practice in ancient Kemet. Uaa m Neter Shedy –Meditation experience the Transcendental Supreme Self. The 5 forms of Neterian Meditation discipline include.

Arat Sekhem Uaa Meditation on the Subtle Life Force
Ari Sma Maat Uaa Meditation on the Righteous Action
Nuk Pu- Ushet Uaa Meditation on the I am
Nuk Ka Akhu Uaa Meditation on the Glorious Light
Rekh Amun Uaa Meditation on the Wisdom Teaching
Khet Ankh Uaa Meditation on the Tree of Life

Sage Amunhotep – One of the greatest Sages.

The Gods and Goddesses are symbols of cosmic principles for creations, they are not realities in and of themselves as personalities. They exist in a philosophical conceptual form.

They teachings are metaphorical if you try to understand it as a historical teachings you will get into trouble, it’s any metaphor for understanding our own consciousness.

The Gods and Goddesses are symbols of the cosmic principles and we have to Supreme divinity and those cosmic principles emanate from the supreme divinity and they sustain creation and they actually compose creation and they are personalizes as God and Goddesses for our worship purposes for us to be able to approach and understand the cosmic principles. If we understand those then we understand the source of those principles. At the end of time they received back into the Supreme Being and the creation dissolves and a new creation begins. Everything receives back, us, the world, the planet, everything receives back to its original essence and a new creation emerges again. The boat of Ra start sailing again. Nothing has been created, it’s an illusion. The Gods and Goddesses have extended themselves, they are connected and sustain by the Supreme Being, they have no independent existence and neither do we, our soul is always tide to the Supreme Being. Nothing exist outside of the Supreme Being.

***Intro to Shetaut Neter 104- 105 Part 4 ***

The Gods and Goddesses do not have independence from the Supreme Being. The Gods and Goddesses are always under the control of the Supreme Being. They are never regarded as separate from the Supreme Being.

Without purity of heart nothing can help you.

3- Explain what impressed you most in this presentation.

I am impressed by the way in which Neberdjer created creation and how everything has to be in line with Maat principles in order to be balance and good when it comes to human beings, who are to become Gods and Goddesses through the wisdom teachings, scientific knowledge and bodily discipline. It amazes me how the teachings and practice of the Maat philosophy allows one the wisdom to follow a path that will keep their heart light and free from suffering and being unrighteous, which can create nightmares, mental diseases and insanity. It’s important to know how our deeds as we live on earth follow us throughout life times in the unconscious creating future emphasis.

I am impressed at how beautiful it is to live a righteous life being devoted to the divine and studying the Maat philosophy with a spiritual preceptor can lead to spiritual enlightenment and happiness in life. I am beginning to experience the sexual fertilization of the soil in my mind taking place as I continue to study the philosophical and spiritual path and practice doing Shedy. I am not saying it has been easy but it is surely changing my life and personality. The world keeps us so busy thinking and focus on worldly attainments that those people have no time to meditation and be devoted to God and some people never even heard of meditation nor know what it is.

I am also impressed by the teachings of the purity of the body, mind and soul. How it’s best to live your life while striving to maintain your health and to purify your heart. I am enjoying the process of the 4 disciples in the 3 steps of listening, reflections and meditation to discover the self, my aspiration is growing for the teachings both the practice and learning. I am striving to establish my life on good deeds as I further righteous discipline to become a Goddesses and transcend that also into my supreme divinity. It’s amazing what the Shedy teaching, practices and disciplines can do for your life. This path is becoming my new pleasure and I give thanks for finding it.

Dua Sebai Maa, Dua Seba Dja for putting this divine work together for us to have this opportunity to become enlighten, that we may become Gods and Goddesses and not just mere human beings. I must say that I am most grateful to have come into contact with these great teachings to heal and resurrect myself and my life. HTP