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Bastu Yashi

Response to Peer Post:

Udja and dua, Bastu Heryt for your intriguing post #7094 on rech ab. I appreciate your detailing the relevance of heart/mind conflict in time and space which commonly results in the labile behavioral tendencies so commonly noted as, “normal.” In attempting to integrate the teachings of Shetaut Neter from practical/mystical aspects, this often results in a, “spiritual rut,” as you mentioned.

Your recommendation to strive for balance of rech ab is pertinent to the initiatic, spiritual and eventual metaphysical integrative developmental process. I can relate to your statement that society strives to shape the individual to dwell in such mental/spiritual chaos and conflict. No wonder so many are become stagnant in, “cool intellect,” and, “raw emotions,” in striving to go with the “status quo,” which is in direct conflict to the process of building the taffy shepsy, as you also mentioned. Unfortunately, this is the rat on the wheel mentality which permeates many individual behaviors and religions.

Your reiterating that the key to overcoming this delusional path is to employ Khak ab, Antet Begag, An chen. Having and working with an authentic spiritual preceptor to assist in proper understanding and integration of shedy immensely assists in the goal of reuniting with Saa rech. This may assist the initiate in being the ocean, rather than being caught up, as a wave. I again appreciate your topic, its daily relevance, and integration of the teachings into your post. Dua, htp,

Shems Yashi

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