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Udja Shems Yashi,
I enjoyed reading your post #17966 in which you have closely examined Ra through the eyes of Lady Aset. This is key to Saa—truly and profoundly understanding—the true nature of both Aset and Ra, which is the key point of the scriptures and the path to Enlightenment. You have identified the significance of the cycle of creation in the statement:

“The Paut moves in a daily cycle, giving matter form, the energy infused causing time and space existence.”

Understanding that maintaining this “daily cycle” is the nature of Ra’s existence in His three phases of Khepera (Creator), Ra (Sustainer) and Temu (Dissolution), is to understand that the illusion of creation is based in movement—the opposite of which is nonmovement or stillness…an nemunemu. Aset, in Her wisdom, saw the things that others could not see by observing, listening, reflecting and meditating on Ra and His nature.

You have expanded on this in your statement:

“Aset meditated on stopping this process to attain her spiritual goal, as she was further cultivating her taffy shepsy. An nemunemu assisted this process immensely, she was able to fool creation by connecting with the part of herself that was unmoving, immobilized, allowing creation to be vulnerable, during the time of day the rays of Ra Tem are weakened (easier to channel and imploy for higher spiritual practice, life force/taffy shepsy cultivation.”

What Aset was doing, in essence, was stopping time by stopping movement with an nemunemu, transcending time and space by piercing the veil of creation with Her one pointed focus. This, of course, is Arat Sekhem (Serpent power) forming the taffy shepsy. Knowing how and when to strike at Ra is how Aset was able to achieve Her spiritual aspiration, freeing Herself and breaking the cycle of worldly existence day after day, year after year, and lifetime after lifetime.

Who among the remtiju does not appreciate a sunset? Even as a youth I was mesmerized by the setting sun and, well into my established adult years, it is still my favored time of day. Particulary, now that I am aware of its significance, I am drawn to the stillness the setting sun brings forth. Yet, how many people when they sit and admire a sunset appreciate that this is the time to collect Divine stuff…when “creation” is dissolving and ready to be pierced with the wisdom of Aset?
Dua for your well written posting,

Bastu Heryt