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Maat Middleton

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 Lesson 3 Interactive Assignment
Michael Graham (Member) #8208 Audio Assignment
Sebai Maa #8223 Reply

I am impressed by Michael attempts to stay focus on the fact that amassing of worldly knowledge cannot lead you to peace and that Neberjer is the Supreme Being and creation itself.
I agree with Michael that the America culture is most likely to self-destruct and the many evils of its society seems normal.

He also mention the egoism has killed him and that the teachings of Aset has resurrected him, I am in the same learning and awakening process of resurrecting myself.

I am impressed by Michael realizing that it’s vital to practice the teachings and live them rather than too simply make statements without carrying out the necessary works to achieve the goal.

Just as Sebai Maa stated in his own words we have to take the time to understand the purpose and the process of mythic wisdom, it’s the foundation that allows a human being to progress on the mythic path which leads to mystic spiritual realization of the higher self “vs” mythic distortion that leads to egoism and more reincarnation. Like how most people learn mythic distortion in this society and many others. I am now busy cleansing myself and learning the correct way to live which is Maat. These teachings take time and patience with consistency, virtue, careful training and etc. We are so blessed to have come to the point in life that we can practice and learn the ancient wisdom teachings of Shetaut Neter.