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Maat Middleton

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 Lesson 3wt (Audio Assignment)

GS13-Dr. Muata Ashby interview about his work and philosophy by-there mix show_671694

Dr. Muata Ashby brings back to life the human personality that has been clouded by worldliness, causing us to miss out on our African history and culture, with its African values for reconstruction of human nature into gods and goddesses. These are the matters which we have forgotten and most of us have not been taught about.

Dr. Muata Ashby taught on how African values have been taken out of our culture and values. He brought us Sami Tawi to reunite the lower and higher self within the human nature back together in a balance way again. He also brought us information that would lead us back onto the oldest tradition in the world of civilization where moral conduct and behavior rule the nation and government by the laws and behaviors of Maat.

Dr. Muata Ashby brought us ancient Egyptian philosophy, its spirituality, religion and health knowledge so that we could discover our true natures, spiritual awakening and enlightenment. He also spoke about the proposes of creation, which is to allow a person experience that would allow them to a place where they could have the proper inner fulfillment in life and true happiness vs misery and pain.

He spoke about how the western culture leads people into destructive ways and habits in life and take people away from harmony with the ancient Egypt myth and its culture, as well as life in general. Dr. Muata Ashby teaches that we are all Asar who gives birth to higher aspirations to do battle with the ego (Set), the lower self and how we are to identify with the myth in order to understand our relationship with the world and to lead us to the proper knowledge and wisdom that would create a success in life for all.

I am currently implementing the teaching given in the book and the lecture? I am practicing the myth and meditation, chants, prayers, reflections and selfless services to gain power over my mind, my ego and lower nature, so to be able to awaken my higher nature in order to follow Maat more in my life. I am focusing on becoming the Neteru’s which I am.

As far as my health, I am a vegetarian but I still have a eating disorder. I intend to change my diet to the point of eating mostly alkaline electric cell foods from the late Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide list, because I discovered that those foods on that list keeps my body light and from getting to fat. So with patience and consistency on the path of practicing Shedy and learning the wisdom teachings and all the other steps within the practice I am on my way to healing and resurrecting myself, my lower nature into unveiling my truth self and what it takes to life truth and rid myself of the illusory ways, habits and means that I learnt and was taught in this western culture back to the Shetaut Neter teachings and lifestyle.