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Maat Middleton

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 Lesson 3wt (Video Assignment)

Intro to SN short part 3b.mp4

The video covered how some of the India yoga teachers who admitted that they received their wisdom from the Ancient Egyptian teachers and how the early Buddha culture did also. The video also mention how meditation helps you to rise in the level of consciousness and that there is no devil in the Neterian sciences. I learnt that Neberdjer manifest as Amun Ra Ptah the trinity and how Mason are late developers of sacred teachings. I learnt how the Islamic teachings mention ancient Egypt practices as polytheism.

I learnt how Moses, Abraham, Mary, Joseph, Jesus and Mohammed goes to Egypt to seek safety although they thought badly of Egypt in certain ways. Abraham goes to Egypt to save himself from famine, Joseph goes to Egypt to save himself and Moses brings everybody out in the New Testament.

These matter allow me to see and know how important ancient Egypt has been throughout history and in the beginning of time and civilization. The way modern society teaches or talk about ancient Egypt or should I say in western culture they don’t teach the truth about how great ancient Egypt was and how meaningful there existence has been in the world from the beginning of time. These matters presented to me in this video are leading me to a broader understanding of the hidden truths and a more sacred knowledge of where the best of life came from and how different things are from that time and now.