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Bastu Yashi


When Heru was bitten, Aset was advised by Selket (life force) to call out to the Pauti to stop time, to attain the assistance of Djehuti (divine wisdom, Ra’s representative in the earthly realm), to bring the poison out of Heru (The Asarian Resurrection, The Ancient Egyptian Bible, Sebai Maa, pg. 75). Aset stopped her mind – time and space identification – under the guidance of her cultivated Saa and sekhem, with Antet begag and An chen – again, to attain the divine wisdom to revive Heru (the initiate) on the path of divine aspiration to rule the earthly and heavenly realms, rather than being ruled by them.

This is similar to the formula she employed to stop time, to develop and build her taffy shepsy, to experience the essence of the divine. She was able to embody the true name of Ra, reuniting her self with her goddess state of being. This is the formula that has been provided for the initiate to develop their own taffy shepsy – to stop time and space – to attain and embody divine aspiration and Saa, to attain the true name of the divine – Nehast, in this lifetime. This is the formula and process that I continue to cultivate: Khak ab, with Antet begag and An chen, to cultivate a divine initiatic lifestyle, to enliven Saa, to embody the divine name in this lifetime. Dua, for reading, hetep,

Shems Yashi

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