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Bastu Yashi

Which hieroglyphic term covered in the lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?

Her Satyu: Faces Flooding

Aset collects emanations as fluid pours voluminously from Ra Tem. Sebai notes that this fluid essence of Ra at the end of the day is divine. Special adorations may be carried out to harness the sekhem when spiritually prepared to receive them.

This is relevant in that Aset has cultivated her Saa – she has the knowledge and knows how to apply it (wisdom) – to realize the relevance of what is happening and also how it can assist her in reaching her goal of knowing the essence of the divine. She therefore collects the emanations and fashions her taffy shepsy to assist her in embodying the divine name of Ra. The initiate may also employ Khak ab, Antet begag and An chen to develop such Saa, to empower the self to employ Her satyu, to develop the taffy shepsy, to invoke the essence of the divine name, to attain Nehast in this lifetime.

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