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Bastu Yashi

Udja, below is my Lesson 6 post:

List the important points covered in the lecture.

Aset was expertly learned in both lower and higher mysteries, she precepted Heru, teaching him the valuable teaching that sex is of bodies, not souls. Sebai expounded on this concept noting that spiritualization of living includes surrendering attachments to worldly living/conceptualization including children, relationships and objects, which detract from one pointed focus on embodying the true name of Ra, attaining Nehast in this lifetime.

Aset sought to know the divine name of Ra; she realized that there was a deeper essence beyond his physical appearance. She reflected, meditated and realized that knowing the source of a thing is to become one with its essence. Sebai noted that such knowing exists outside of time and space, it cannot be spoken. This influenced Asets continual reflection, meditation, commitment without stopping, on embodying the essence of the divine. Sebai reiterated that, An chen, without stopping, is how the soul {Asar} will be redeemed.

Aset rejected Remteju, the path of lower mysteries. She reflected on her Ka, going into her heart, which is the unconscious mind – she employed higher forces and wisdom to overcome the lower forces. Aset opted for the path of the Akhu shepsu, divine sages, to seek elevation from the physical realm, to exist as an Akh, shining spirit, on a subtle level. Sebai reviewed the aspects of the personality (Akh, Sahu, Ba, Khaibit, Ka, Sekhem, Ab, Khat, Ren), noting that Aset’s goal of Akhu shepsu is the ultimate state of being.

Sebai noted that Aset employed both higher and lower wisdom, meditating with an nemu nemu, she was building her taffy shepsy, collecting the essence of Ra Tem energy, forming a harpoon, a snake to pierce her illusion of creation. This assisted her one pointed focus to elevate to a cosmic mind, nourishing her taffy shepsy; she strengthened her personality to become one pointed, rather than deluded/weakened. Sebai related that this level of focus and unrelenting commitment is necessary on the path to enlightenment, to distinguish the real from unreal. This is necessary to work through the illusoriness of time and space objects, to not be distracted by or engulfed by them. Rather, Aset continued to seek the Akh level of being.

The Boat of Ra, Paut (sun disk) was noted important as a metaphor for the substratum of creation, or undifferentiated consciousness (Nun), which the barque of Ra sails upon. The Paut moves in a daily cycle, giving matter form, the energy infused causing time and space existence. Aset meditated on stopping this process to attain her spiritual goal, as she was further cultivating her taffy shepsy. An nemu nemu assisted this process immensely, she was able to fool creation by connecting with the part of herself that was unmoving, immobilized, allowing creation to be vulnerable, during the time of day when the rays of Ra Tem are weakened (easier to channel and employ for higher spiritual practice, life force/taffy shepsy cultivation). Integration of an nemu nemu during meditation on the Divine may assist the aspirant in developing the one pointed focus and wisdom to decrease mental agitation to eventually embody the true name of Ra.

During the Ra Tem stage, Ra’s appearance is notably reddened, signifying burdened, heavy/old, fatigued. Despite feeling this way, Ra continued on his path without precaution. This relates to one seeking their hearts desire in time and space despite having some knowledge of the vanity/ego identification therein. Aset remained in Ra Tem’s path, knowing the relevance, collecting his essence as it dribbled during the evening hours, continuing to fashion her taffy shepsy.

Aset laid her taffy shepsy on the path of Ra, when his essence was flowing to the earth. Her taffy shepsy bit him and his Chet ankh, fire of life, began to leak out into himself (creation).

Cedar is a metaphor for the solar boat, which is made of reddish wood, as in the domain of Ra in the Tem, reddened stage, symbolizing the loss of Chet ankh. This led to Ra’s weakness and Asets harnessing of the Chet ankh, to further strengthen her taffy shepsy. Sebai noted that during the Ra Tem stage, the image of Ra may be seen more like a reflection/image, one can look/harness the energy without feeling the burdened intensity of light as in the Ra Hrakhti stage, when the light may be, “blinding,” distracting the initiate from Ra’s true essence.
At this point, Ra calls out to the Paut (cosmic forces), in garbled angst. They reply, “What’s going onnnn?” This signifies the weakening of the image of creation, the inability of Ra to sustain himself due to his image of time and space being poisoned by divine wisdom, Aset.

Dua for reading, hetep,

Shems Yashi

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