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Maat Middleton

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 Lesson 14 Video Assignment
Intro to Shetaut Neter 104- 105 Part 1 & 2

2- List the important themes presented

Shetaut Neter are the Egyptian Mysteries, the importance philosophy of African Spirituality.

The teachings can be approached as a philosophy or religion of life.

The Shetaut Neter came from the Metu Neter the Scriptures of Ancient Africa.

The religion of our ancestors must be lived and not only remembered, revered and studied.

Our legacy must be cleansed and lived to remain great.

In 10.000 BC we had ancient religion, the earliest religion ever known to mankind. This development in ancient Kamit is actually a perfection of African spiritual teachings and they are in conflict with western religions.

Life always leads to unhappiness in the world, searching for happiness in the world will never be found, the world is a culture of falsehood, deception and illusions that will lead you to a life of pain and misery.

Shetaut Neter is about the teachings of the Supreme Being.

Neterianism: are those who follow the Shetaut Neter religion.

Shetaut Neter the term of the ancient African culture refers to the Egyptian Mysteries, the importance of our ancient African spirituality, philosophy, its culture and all of humanity.

We are a Kamitic African Religion with two branches, the Sema Institute and the Temple of Shetaut Neter Aset. One deals with everything related to education and the other deals with everything related to Priesthood, Spiritual Counseling, Initiations, and Spiritual Worship Programs, whereby they can be approach as a spiritual philosophy of Life or a Religion.

Shetaut Neter was practiced in Ancient Egypt, but in ancient times it was called Kamit or Kush.

The original people came from the land of Kush, the original African people.

Shetaut Neter is the first religion, the Sphinx give us the earliest practice of religion on earth.

The Sphinx, the giver of life, of stability, of power, the director of truth, the ruler of the upper and lower worlds, like the Sun forever and Eternity.

The Sphinx name Herumakhet, Ra-Hraktl 10.000 B.C.E- 2003 A.C.E

Africa will not be free until its leaders pray to African Gods and Goddesses without apology – John Henry Clarke

In order to be reclaimed the African Culture must have its own African Religion.

Do you have a culture of derogation or a culture of civilization? Do you have a culture of wisdom or a culture of ignorance and this is what is cultivated in western culture (TV, basketball, useless entertainments, sex, drugs and alcohol, leading people astray.

In order to be successful the legacy of our ancestors must be lived and not just studied and revered.

Our African legacy must be uncovered and cleansed that’s what would allow us to become great.

10.00 BC- Pre- Dynastic Era, (ancient Egyptian religion) the earliest physical evidence, 2500 B.C.E Middle Kingdom, (Indus Valley Culture) New Kingdom (Aryan India) Classical, Taoism, Buddhism, Pre-Christianity, Islam Allah is the latest, all these are a part of the development of ancient African teachings.

In the pursuit of happiness, there is never anything that is forever, life is full of disappointments, so you have to lead a life that adopts the teachings correctly, and lead a life that leads you away from grief, strive and unhappiness.

Since the world is always changing and nothing is permanent, that means you will not have true abiding happiness in the world, yet people continue to search anyway in the world for happiness.

“Grief is natural to the mortal world, and is always about you; pleasure is a quest, and visit with by invitation; use well thy mind, and sorrow shall be passed behind you; be prudent, and the visits of joy shall remain long with you.” –Ancient Egyptian Proverb.

Use well thy mind is the key.

How do we get into things that bring about grief, strive and unhappiness? Everybody is doing it, you should do it, watching TV, it’s all an illusion and to follow that means that the mind has been lead down a road to ignorance. Religions is supposed to lead to enlightenment, if religion is not leading you to enlightenment that means you are not following correct religion, it’s that simple.

If you’re not more relaxed, more peaceful, more abiding in higher consciousness, and in higher faith, then you know that your religion is not working.

What is Shetaut Neter: Shetaut means secret or hidden or mystery? Neter means Divinity, it can be God or Goddess, “The teaching about the secret, hidden, supreme being” This is the earliest term that we have a record of Africa.

What is Neterianism? The term “Netrianism” is derived from the name “Shetaut Neter are therefore referred to as “Neterians.”

Neterianism” when referring to the religion of Ancient Egypt the term “Netrianism” will be used. So this term will substitute for or be used interchangeably with the term “Ancient Egyptian Religion” or Kamitan Religion.

Who are the Neterians? “Shemus Neter” means “follower (of) Neter” or a person who follows the teachings of Shetaut Neter.

What is essential philosophy of Shetaut Neter? The spiritual culture and the purpose of life. Shetaut Neter “Men and woman are to become God-like through a life of virtue and the cultivation of the spirit through scientific knowledge, practice and bodily discipline.” This is what the practice is all about. The study of the philosophy teachings, the practice of the disciplines and this is what the institute is all about, how to cleanse yourself, how to elevate yourself in consciousness.

So what shall be the purpose of life? The purpose of all human life is to achieve a state of consciousness apart from bodily concerns.”

“Salvation is the freeing of the soul from its bodily fetters; becoming
a god through knowledge and wisdom; controlling the forces of the cosmos instead of being a slave to them; subduing the lower nature and through awakening the higher self, ending the cycle of rebirth and dwelling with the Neteru’s who direct and control the Great Plan.”

The Harper song is trying to tell us that we can’t linger on earth and there are acts on earth like a dream, the dream appears to be very real and you wake up in the morning from it, and then you realize it is not real. What happens when you go to sleep you realize that, that world is real, and that this world is unreal? Which one is the reality then? Beneath that there is something within you that is beyond these changes of consciousness, how are you to discover that state? How are you to elevate yourself to transcend this state of consciousness and become a God or Goddess? We want to discover how this is to be achieved.

We are to discover our true selves.

The philosophy of the afterlife, the body belongs to the earth and the soul belongs to heaven, you are not the body, you are transcendental, you are immortal but you just don’t know that. We are not the body, you have a association with physical matter, that allows you to have a physical experience, that is the end of your association with time and space. An authentic religion is supposed to be helping you to discover that. That is your purpose in life, the purpose in life is not to get rich, have big families, fame and fortune, that doesn’t matter. To make you truly happy is to discover that you are transcendental and immortal.

We are to know this is possible and believe it, because the loss of this reality is the reason the world is in the state it’s in now. It was possible in the past and it’s possible now.

The Great Awakening, Nehast, awaken to the higher existence. To become Akhus (enlightened being_ walking the earth as giants and accomplishing great deeds- such as the creation of the universe.

There are six main Traditions of Shetaut Neter:

Shetaut Anu – Teachings of the Ra Tradition of Spirituality
Meneter _ Teachings of the Ptah Tradition of Spirituality
Waset – Teachings of the Amun Tradition of Spirituality
Nertift – Teachings of the Goddess Tradition of Spirituality
Asar – Teachings of the Asarian Tradition of Spirituality
Aton – Teachings of the Aton Tradition of Spirituality

We have many Gods and Goddesses and they are called Neteru’s, all from the single Supreme Being. All these Gods and Goddesses represent the elements: Earth – Geb
Sky – Nut
Water – Tefnut
Air – Shu

We have lesser beings to lead us to higher beings. Everything is a spiritual energy or a spiritual cosmic force, living and working through and mastering these forces you’re not controlled by nature, you’re a master of nature. We deal with creation and a scientific approach to God and understanding creation and the universe.

*Three levels of aspirations*

Ordinary people are not allowed in the temples, they are not purified and are not ready for the teachings. It will not be useful to them and will be a waste of time to their understanding.

Aspirations – where you say let me be a spiritual aspirin.

Aspirin aspire – to go into higher levels of the teachings.

The Neterian Temple is not open to everyone. Maati is the dual Goddess of Truth. The duality of life is a dual state of consciousness going through the doors means you’re seeking the duality of life. The duality of life is self and others, which means you believe you are separate from the universe, the divinity when you discover oneness all you see is divinity, you see the goddess everywhere.

The three levels of mind: Unconscious, Subconscious, Conscious.

The three levels of relative consciousness: Waking, dream and Sleep.

Religion encompasses there levels: Myth, Ritual and Mystical Philosophy.

The great Trinity of Creation: Amun, Ra, Ptah.

The three levels of Aspirants: The Mortals, The Intelligences, The Creators or Beings of Light (Akhu).

The Outer Court is open to the lowest ranking practitioners of the Temple;

The Middle Hall is open to the more advanced aspirants.

The Inner most hall is open to the most advanced.

The Inner most shrine is reserved for those who are ready to have union with the divine.

There are three forms of actions: Thoughts, Words and Deeds.

The Outer Court is the place for deeds, work to propitiate the divinity, lower worship, physical rituals, and offerings to the divine, prayers, chanting to the divine, and self-purification.

The Middle Hall is the section of the temple for words, this section is reserved for the wisdom teachings, this is where classes will be held and spiritual wisdom is imparted.

The Inner Hall Court is the section of the Temple for advance rituals and metaphysics, meditations and mystical exercises that sustain creation and unite one to the divine. These are things that no aspirant has been given up to this point, by Sebai Maa, the reason is they haven’t reach the point where these things can be done. There are some aspirant’s that can work with the books and learn for themselves and some who are advanced to the point of special training individuals but not to the point of having a Temple.

Rekhy” means the common folk (ordinary people) or people who are coming to offer praises, offer adorations and devotion to the divine.

There are there kinds of Scriptures: Mythic Scripture, Mystical Scripture, and Wisdom Text Scripture.

The “Great Truths” of Neterian Religion

The four great principles of Shetaut Neter Philosophy are like formulas, a code in a certain way. There four principles in calculate the four teachings that would give you the key to understanding the entire philosophy of Shetaut Neter.

Understanding the philosophy will not lead you to enlightenment, you must practice the disciplines and understand the philosophy, information and experience equals wisdom. Information plus no action equals zero, equals still ignorance.

The philosophy holds that there is one Supreme Being, the all-encompassing divinity, the all, one Supreme being manifesting as all.

There is no devil in Shetaut Neter, your either ignorant, conflict comes when your out of harmony with creation.

2- An-Maat, swy Saui Set s-Khemn. “Lack of righteousness brings fetters to the personality and these fetters cause ignorance of the Divine. Unrighteousness leads you to untruths and ignorance, righteousness leans us to purity and wisdom.

3- s-Uashu s-Nafu n saiu Set. “Devotion to the Divine leads to freedom from the fetter of Set.” When you act unrighteous you’re fettering your personality. If you at with righteousness you come into harmony with cosmic order and is moved away from your fetters.

4- ari Shedy Redkh ab m Maakheru. “The practice of the Shedy disciplines leads to knowing oneself and the Divine. This is called being True of Speech” If your mouth is fettered you cannot open it. To open the mouth you must have righteousness and devotion to the divinity, devotion leads you to freedom from your own egoism, devoted to the divine opens your heart. Doing Shedy leads to knowledge of one self, of one’s heart and this is call true of speech. One who is establish in truth, an awaken one, a enlighten one.

This means one, one the philosophy tells us that there is only one Supreme Being, God is supreme manifesting as all. Ua Ua means One One. Uashu is devotion and wisdom. Shedy means the spiritual discipline that when practice you can reach purity of heart, by studying the wisdom teachings.

The Goddess has a special place Goddess Aset, Net, Het Heru, Sekhmet were some of the main forms of the Goddess.

Khepera is the one Supreme Being who brought himself into creation.

Inj-set means “Lack of righteousness brings fetters to the personality and these fetters cause ignorance of the divine.” The second truth causes mental disease, the cure is knowledge of self.

There is no evil, there is creation and destruction. There is Entropy.

The Kings main duty is to uphold righteousness in the land and make offering to Maat.

2- Explain what impressed you most in this presentation.

I am impressed by the Shetaut Neter wisdom teachings and the African legacy of Kamitan African Religion. I am impressed by the Supreme Being is one and alone. I am practicing the Shedy discipline and I am experiencing the richness of an authentic religion and my true purpose in life. The scientific knowledge within the practice with bodily discipline and virtue is very cleansing and elevating to my consciousness. “I am really feeling like “I have washed myself in the water wherein the god Anpu washed when he performed the office of embalmer and bandager. I want my lips to become the lips of Anpu”.

I love the Shetaut Neter Egyptian mysteries and philosophy of African spirituality. I enjoy what my Shedy practice and my development of devotion towards the discipline of the wisdom teachings and the philosophy is doing to my life. Since salvation is the freeing of the soul from its bodily fetters and becoming a God through knowledge and wisdom, controlling the forces of the cosmos instead of being a slave to them; subduing the lower nature and through awakening the higher self, ending the cycle of rebirth and dwelling with the Neter’s who direct and control the Great Plan, I can say that I am very grateful to be associating with the present day Neterians, the Gods and Goddesses, the Shemsu Neter who are blessed to be followers of the teachings of Shetaut Neter.
I acknowledge that I am in the correct association for transcending and elevating my consciousness and awakening my higher self. I am also in honor towards Neberdjer for the four Great Truths of Shetaut Neter and the African Sages that controlled the forces that made all this available for me to have once again in my life.

It seems to get hard from time to time, but I am learning how to keep the legacy of my ancestors lived and active as I cleansed and become my better self, my higher self. Finding the balance is so important because of the many manifestations of the Neter, the Supreme Being, the one, one manifesting everywhere and in all things in the form of Gods and Goddesses.

I have to stay focus and keep making forward movements towards my goal to achieve true happiness and separate myself from the world righteously as I learn and discover truth and enlightenment bit by bit and step by step humbling myself to the divine more each day. I know that we are not totally free from the ari yet we can manifest the power to have control over it and reduce it’s powers over us.

Dua Sebai Maa and Seba Dja for making all this happen for us in the sense of providing the teachings and all the many forms of information you have gathered over the years and share with all. Words can’t express my gratitude, thanks and appreciations for all the research, study and practices that you both share and have done to make this happen for us, all the hard work it took from your existence. You both as so worthy to be praised.