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Maat Middleton

Level 1 Lesson 13wt Interaction Assignment #8265
By Damaz Alexis (Participant)

I am impressed with Damaz Alexis finding on the checklist. I can see in my mind how the process of the spiritual developmental stages being recorded and watched over makes a good guiding and measuring tool to ensure the Shedy disciplines are being practice in an organized manner. I also agree with his finding of haw a greater challenge will be faced due to past negative ariu within the life and being of the aspirant’s, as they strive to create the proper balance between their worldly goals and needs “vs” their spiritual obligations and needs. They are also striving to cleanse their personality, body and spirit.

Damaz also expressed how necessary and effective auto-evaluation is and watching over the changes in the personality by the use of a spiritual diary, as was suggested in the reading text.
Sebai Maa reply expanded my insight on the fact that we need to find a useful balance and apply what we are capable of as our capacities increase. As far as the checklist is concerned we need to be careful not to burn ourselves out and should use a gentle arrangement at first to assure a consistency in achieving our daily goals.

Sebai Maa further explains why it is also important to purify the intellect and be conscious and ethical in actions so as to draw the most positive possible outcomes that will assist us positively in neutralizing past negativity and promoting positive actions and deeds in our paths of moving forward and one of the best way and means of doing this is to practice virtue and devotion.