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Maat Middleton

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 Lesson 13wt Reading Assignment

Page 179-192

Question: Keep a spiritual diary

How should an aspirant think about their spiritual checklist and how diligent should they to be with it?

An aspirant should understand as well as become aware that a certain irregularity in their practice of the disciplines development can and will cause the discipline to suffer. When worldly activities and relations become intermingled with one’s discipline and spiritual program becomes haphazard, due to the many distractions caused by excessive worldly interest taking place over one’s spiritual discipline.

As aspirant has to acknowledge that the quality of their spiritual discipline must be consistent on regular basis in order for the desired effects to take place within the personality on all levels, otherwise the proper integration will not happen and the aspirant will face a continuing processing of degraded behavior due to not being able to purify the mind and shielding it from worldly entanglements.

When an aspirant doesn’t practice their spiritual disciplines on daily basis in a repetitious persistent and continual way, their practice can have the opposite effect and lead to a degraded personality where by their feelings of anger, hatred, greed, lust, etc. will remain within them, causing them to think and believe the teachings do not work and that they are wasting their time in the practice. A checklist comes in handle and is a very helpful means to provide the aspirant with the ability to watch and monitor their developmental practice and progress by knowing if they are falling back or advancing in their daily rituals to integrate the teachings and spiritual practices as taught by Sebai Maa, Seba Dja and their Spiritual Preceptor.

In cases where the aspirant finds themselves falling back behind in their spiritual practices they need to make the necessary adjustments in their spiritual practices and carry on. Then if they still need assistance call for advice. They also need to keep a spiritual diary and seek to avoid the mistakes of the past. The checklist is to check off each item daily, weekly, monthly and annually in order to consider for themselves if they are truly living truth and practicing the teaching of Shetaut Neter and Sema Tawi.

Notes: An aspirant has to be aware that a certain irregularity in the practice of the spiritual disciplines develops a quality whereby all the disciplines suffer. A certain amount of maturity is needed to grow to the point of knowing and understanding that worldly activities and relations become haphazard to the spiritual practices and disciplines. An aspirant needs to consider the many causes of distractions that leads them away from being able to practice the teachings and disciplines that cleanse the mind, body and spirit, then lead themselves away from distractions so they can carry out the goal to discover the Supreme Being and their true self. Knowing that their thoughts, words and deeds must be purified.
An aspirant has to become aware that the power of practice and virtues allow one to become detached and allows one to go after what’s real and stay away from what isn’t real.

Question: All of life’s activities are ritualistic to some degree.

Question: When you approach a teacher bring an offering, patience and spirit of joy, humility and total devotion.

Notes: serious aspirants interested in pursuing spiritual life should follow the instruction given from their teachers, seeking to purify themselves so as to become proper vessels to recognize and understand the teacher when they arrives.

Those who seek after the worldly pleasures are directed by the lower self and the qualities of the ignorant, discontent, desire, hardheartedness, distraction, mental agitation, restlessness, selfishness, etc., which will lead them to experiences of pain and disappointment and frustration in life, whereas those who seek the discipline and knowledge of the higher self and spiritual enlightenment can live and govern themselves with the qualities of a spiritually advancing personality, selflessness, contentment, peacefulness, detachment from worldly possessions and relationships, etc., which lead them to greater levels of inner peace and self-discovery. These allow the mind to sink to deeper and deeper levels revealing the true nature of one’s own being.